Get over an ex: Breaking up is hard for Gemini, Leo is too proud to show suffering

Aries handle break-ups very violently, but fortunately, it quickly passes, the best therapy for left Cancer is to be in the company of close friends...


Even though you were unhappy in a relationship for a long time, and you are aware that it is best to end things, your pride is still a little hurt. Aries is angry and mad at himself and the whole world. Increased physical activity will be helpful for you, exercise and work until you feel exhausted or find a punching bag and boxing gloves and hit. Aries handle break-ups very violently, but fortunately it quickly passes.

Advice for Aries’s friends: don’t be angry with your dear Aries, forgive them for their excesses, because luckily everything quickly passes, and they will be those you knew, full of energy and enthusiasm again.


Taurus are a fixed sign and somewhat inert, and therefore are not too happy when major changes happen in their life. If this is a break up of a long relationship, it will be really hard for them, even if they weren’t happy in that relationship. They are able to take a lot, thinking that something would change in time for the better. When they get used to someone, they find it difficult to give up on them, even though they are aware that it isn’t good for them. They take break up very painfully, they are a little lost, because their way of life completely changes. They tend to neglect everything and turn to themselves, and often find solace in food, especially sweets.

Advice for Taurus’s friends: dedicate a lot of love and attention to Taurus, while they are depressed. Try to activate them, because they will hardly do it themselves. At first they may refuse it, but be persistent.


Breaking up is hard for them, although they won’t admit it to themselves or the others. They are tired of thinking, because they simply can’t find answers to all questions. Good sleep will relax you the best and relieve. Try to think about it as little as possible, give yourself additional obligations, at least go on a short trip. Sign up for a foreign language course and increase mental activity.

Advice for Gemini’s friends: Your dear Gemini will act very strange.They will be extremely absent-minded, and mood swings will vary from one minute to another.



The best therapy for left Cancer is to be in the company of close friends. Talk to friends about your emotions. Don’t hesitate to take a good cry, because that will certainly make you feel much better. Try to get rid of all little things that remind you of your ex-partner, put them all in the attic or in the basement.

Advice for friends: be gentle with them. Be their shoulder to cry on and support in these sad days. Even if you see that they’ve gone too far in self-pity don’t criticize them. It will all pass and everything will fall into its place.


You are too proud to show others that you suffer and you tend to persuade friends that you are fine. This will only cause the opposite effect, you will constantly be angry and grumpy. The best thing for you would be to go straight away to some exotic place, to swim and lie in the sun, because for Leos sun is the best cure. Spend money on expensive clothes, change your hairstyle, hair color ...

Advice for  friends: praise them, cheer and give compliments to them. Show them that you love them and just how important it is that they are in your life. It will mean them a lot.

Get over an ex: Breaking up is hard for Gemini, Leo is too proud to show suffering


Virgos need to manage their lives alone, because they do it best. Breaking up with a partner throws them into depression.It is best to make a list of reasons why it is better off without him. It is also a good idea to make a list of activities that you will be able to do without him now, and you couldn’t before. This will certainly help.

Advice for friends: help your dear Virgo and analyze everything well, logical thinking will help. If you see that it doesn’t help enough, convince your friend that it had to happen, so that someone better will get into her life.


Libras are prone to constant analyzing so they know very well what they lose with a break-up, and what they get. That is not a problem. The problem is that they don’t work well alone, without a partner, so they need to get into a new relationship as soon as possible and thus risk making the wrong choice. Advice to Libras is to be patient so they don’t make a mistake. It would be better to try and improve their relationships with friends that they probably neglected because of their partner.

Advice for friends: Get ready to listen carefully to your dear Libra, what they suffered and what they gave up. Their story will often be contradictory, but don’t try to correct them.


Scorpios completely give themselves in a love relationship, all the way, without any restrictions. Their love is deep, and suffering even deeper. Love loss for them is like death and they handle break-ups hard. They won’t easily accept that their partner left, they will fight for their love. They may become very destructive, most often self-destructive.

Advice for friends: You have to become a good psychologist straight away and have smart answers to all the questions. Your positivity and enthusiasm will help color the darkness from your dear friend’s life.


Eternal optimists and idealists will be caught off guard for a moment in such situations.  Even though their relationship often presented an obstacle towards the freedom they want and appreciate the most ,now they will feel great loneliness. However, they are the masters of rising above any situation and they look at the life from the philosophic point of view. They will pack their suitcases and head for new adventures.

Advice for friends:  Your friend will act strangely, they will be prone to often criticize and quarrel and they will also be prone to frequent mood swings. They may easily accuse you of something that happened five years ago, but don’t pay attention to it.


Although it seems that they perfectly deal with the breakup, they are actually shaken to the core. Something that they have been building for years has now collapsed and they find it hard to bear. You won’t see them whining and complaining much, they are more prone to suffer in solitude and not bother others too much. They want to stay calm and rational, even in these situations. Capricorns know very well that time heals all wounds. The most effective for them is to seek salvation in work.

Advice for friends: act as if nothing had happened, because they don’t like to be pitied. Talk about it only at their initiative. Don’t let them be alone.



Aquarius won’t accept break up easily and they will want to remain at least friends with their former partner. That way, the agony continues, until finally they realize that it’s the end. It is best to spend time in the company of their friends and to talk about the problem. They will realize that they are not alone and that they have a lot of friends who love them and to them that means a lot. 

Advice for friends: suggest something wacky. If they haven’t jumped by parachute from an airplane before, now is the right time for it. This will help them feel alive and sadness will quickly disappear.


You have suspected for a long time that it’s end and now it finally happened. Your dreams are ruined and you think that you can’t live without your loved one. You don’t know what to do, whether to drown the sadness in the sea of alcohol or maybe go to the monastery and isolate yourself. The key word here is - faith. How can you believe now, when your whole world has collapsed, when your dreams are gone and everything you believed in and hoped now is simply lost? Awake faith in yourself, faith in love. It seems almost impossible. Write the most beautiful love letter, the most beautiful love song, put it in a bottle and leave it in the river. And you’ll see, the magic will happen soon.

Advice for friends: just keep an eye on your friend, because they can easily do something stupid. Don’t believe them when they say they’re fine, because the next moment they can be at the bottom of the abyss. Staying by the water will make them feel good, if nothing else, suggest them fishing.