Astrology and make up: For romantic Cancer, pink suits the best, bordeaux perfectly suits Scorpio

Have you ever asked yourself why some colors suit you better than others? Have you ever thought that has something to do with stars?

 Find out the secrets of the horoscope which will show you what makeup colors you should use.

Each sign of the Zodiac is ruled by a certain color that indicates how one is courageous, ambitious and secretive. We will help you to choose the right color to emphasize all your advantages, and to hide your disadvantages.

For Aries, the best color is red; it represents passion, strength, and courage. You will certainly agree that these all of these qualities an Aries possesses. You should wear red to increase your strength, energy, and vitality whenever you go into something new.

Colors: Dark red, black, white, golden, orange

How to apply makeup: bright red eyeshadow apply over a neutral one, to mitigate the effect. Before you apply the eyeshadow, put few eye drops into your eyes, so to avoid the dramatic look.

Color to avoid: Bright pink


The best color for Taurus is green because it rejuvenates the spirit. It brings the stability and strikes a balance between body and soul. If a Taurus decides to wear it, it will attract wealth and prosperity.

Colors: Green, blue, purple, yellow and brown.

How to apply makeup: Apply olive eyeshadow on your upper eyelid, and then blend a darker shadow into the creases. Rim lower lashes with black liner and top with another layer of olive shadow applied with a wet brush to get the irresistible smoky eye effect.

Color to avoid: Red


For lively Gemini, the right color is yellow, for being full of light and shine, and stimulating at the same time. It also can elevate your mood, and increase memory and communication skills.

Colors: Bright yellow, light blue, green and white.

How to apply makeup: Bright yellow eyeshadow and can be a perfect choice if you apply it on your eyelids, and rim lower lashes with black liner.

Color to avoid: All shades of red



For romantic cancer, pink suits the best. This color indicates love, and it is the best to be worn when a change is going to happen, or when you need consolation. If you use this color in your makeup, you will be more open and more accessible for cooperation.

Colors: Pink, turquoise, gray, white, blue and silver.

How to apply makeup: Combine pink and white eyeshadow to look as natural as possible. Apply some mascara and you ready to go.

Color to avoid: Red


Orange increases the strength and the influence of Leo. If you decide to go for this color, you will be overwhelmed with the sense of happiness and optimism, and it will increase your determination to achieve what you intended.

Colors: Orange, golden, red, copper, royal blue and white.

How to apply makeup: Rim your eyelashes with an orange eyeshadow. To do this, take a flat brush, dip it into the water, then in eyeshadow, and make a line just like you would do with eyeliner.

Color to avoid: All pastel shades

Astrology and make up: For romantic Cancer, pink suits the best, bordeaux perfectly suits Scorpio

Royal blue is an ideal color for all Virgos. This color is the embodiment of beauty, purity and wisdom, it reduces tensions and spreads calmness; all of this being the characteristic of a Virgo. If you decide to wear royal blue, you will boost your calmness and open your mind.

Colors: Royal blue, green, lavender, gray, brown and yellow.

How to apply makeup: Apply a layer of royal blue or dark blue eyeshadow as a foundation to some brighter shade, to emphasize your eyes. You can also try blue mascara or to go for the blue smoky eye.

Color to avoid: All shades of red


The ideal Color for Libra is light blue, for it indicates love, beauty, and balance. It is an embodiment of peace and serenity, and it inspires you to be strong and active. You should wear it so to strike a balance and a sense of well-being.

Colors: Light blue, pink, purple, green and champagne.

How to apply makeup: Combine blue eyeshadow with white or silver, and do not forget to apply it just beneath eyebrows. This Ice Queen look is ideal for parties.

Color to avoid: All pale shades


Burgundy or Bordeaux perfectly suits Scorpio. The depth, strength and love are attributed to it, and it helps you to move through difficult periods in your life. By wearing this color, you will increase your perception and persistence.

Colors: Burgundy, black, dark red, purple and chestnut.

How to apply makeup: Use matte burgundy and pearly eyeshadows for smoky eye effect. Do not forget to apply black eyeliner.

Color to avoid: All vibrant colors


The color of Sagittarians is turquoise; it increases wisdom and optimism. Wear it while on journeys or exploring new places, it is a symbol of tolerance and understanding and is useful in interpersonal relationships.

Colors: Turquoise, blue, green, purple, white and red.

How to apply makeup: Dark shade of blue or green for smoky eye effect can be softened by brown shades, so to avoid too dramatic look.

Colors to avoid: Light blue and dark red


The color of this sign is brown. It is a color of determination, symbol of logic and reason. It will help you to feel stable and responsible; you'll be practical and able to reach your goals.

Colors: Brown, dark green, olive, beige and black.

How to apply makeup: Bearing in mind that brown is neutral; you can wear it day or night. But, in the night, it would be better to add a bit of metallic green

Color to avoid: Yellow shades


Aquarians are ruled by purple; it is the color that emphasizes humaneness and kindness. If you wear it, it will increase the feeling of belonging to a community and improve your relations with friends.

Colors: Purple, turquoise, and bright blue

How to apply makeup: Try purple shades smoky eyes. You will look special and sexy.

Color to avoid: Primary colors


The color of the sea is the best choice for Pisces. This color can help Pisces to strike a balance between inner and outer world, and also to consider all the qualities of some people.

Colors: Sea blue, aquamarine, green, purple and black.

How to apply makeup: Combine dark green eyeshadow with black eyeliner.

Color to avoid: All vibrant shades