BODY CHANGES WHEN YOU LOVE: 9 incredible ways of how love affects us!

You know that a person in love simply radiates pleasure and happiness, but you don’t really know what happens to the body.

Falling in love does not only activate ‘butterflies’ in the stomach, but it works better than pain killers, it makes food taste sweeter and slows down the heart rate.

These are nine really fascinating changes in the body that are triggered by infatuation:

# Brain changes activity in a split second

Love at first sight usually sounds like a cliché or a title of Hollywood romantic comedy, but it’s the first step of falling in love, the latest study says. Love activates even 12 areas in the brain, and the result is a feeling of love already in the fifth of a second.

# Heart slows the rhythm

Infatuation affects the hormone level, which can slow down heart rate and lower blood pressure.

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# You lose sleep

Results of a research showed that a man in a period of infatuation loses about one hour of sleep. The reason for this is thinking about the loved one which keeps you awake.

# Pain in the body reduces

Love activates the same receptors in the brain that act as painkillers.

BODY CHANGES WHEN YOU LOVE: 9 incredible ways of how love affects us!

# You become senile

During infatuation in the brain there is the release of oxytocin - the hormone of love, which blocks the memory. The result is a feeling of absence and forgetfulness.

# Activates jealousy

Situations in which you can’t control yourself when you see your loved one talking to another woman, are the first signs of true infatuation. It was proven that love affects the sense to protect a loved one, or in other words, it activates jealousy.

# Food becomes sweeter

During the research in which students in love participated, they had a task to try different foods and evaluate their taste. Results were unexpected, they all agreed that the food and the drinks that had, had a sweet taste.

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# You lose concentration

Unconscious thinking about partner influences your working skills, a study has shown that during the period of infatuation we are not very focused on performing tasks.

# Voice becomes taller and thinner

During a conversation with a man that a woman has feelings for, her voice takes on a higher pitch and becomes thin.

BODY CHANGES WHEN YOU LOVE: 9 incredible ways of how love affects us!