Horoscope and bravery: Aries is fearless, Sagittarius like to risk

This horoscope will reveal the secret of your courage. How horoscope signs show courage ...


He knows no fear. Any risk to the representative of this temperamental fire sign is a real challenge, while dangers he rushes in only raise their confidence. A day without a risk, for typical Aries is a day lost. 


What makes typical Taurus stay away from risk and avoid danger is not fear. Member of this phlegmatic earth sign, in fact, loves its peace and enjoyment in life. That’s why Taurus avoids stress whenever possible.


They are not afraid of risk, but are smart enough to assume what may happen to them if they deliberately rush into danger. That is why a representative of this resourceful air sign rather lets others try everything he finds suspicious before he does.



A typical member of this persistent water sign can’t say he’s very brave. For him, caution is the most important thing, because he is convinced that those who deliberately tempt fate, will pay for it. That is why Cancer prefers to avoid moves they didn’t think through.


Leo is at least three times braver than all other signs. A representative of this proud fire sign is able to turn the world upside down in order to achieve their goal. One should get out of their way, and should not have them for the enemy.

Horoscope and bravery: Aries is fearless, Sagittarius like to risk


Cautious Virgo is not a fan of danger, especially unnecessary one. If they act scared, it just means that they are thinking, trying to find the way how to proceed. They consider risk unnecessary luxury, because there are much better ways to achieve the goal.


It is too wise to take unnecessary risks, and prefers to solve problems using diplomatic skills. Although courage is the matter of honor, representatives of this air sign often think that it is much smarter to avoid the risk.


Dangers were made for fearless Scorpio to fight them, because to them they are a real challenge. They always set too high goals for themselves, which does not suit those less brave members of their surrounding.


Sometimes they like to risk too much by putting everything on the line, because they quickly recover from failure. Each novelty for the representative of this flexible fire sign is at the same time the new challenge which only emphasizes its charm.


Fear of danger is absolutely typical for a representative of this earth sign. They believe that everyone needs to fight for what’s best for them, regardless of potential dangers. They don’t look for help, nor they need it, and if someone else needs it, they will advise them how to get out.



A casual attitude towards danger makes them very intriguing. A typical representative of this unconventional air sign has innate talent to perceive all dangerous situations as if they don’t exist. That way, they often deceive themselves, but also make their life easier.


Members of this sensual water sign do not like danger at all, or hide it very well. They are most afraid of being ridiculed by the surrounding, so they often react the way that will make others think that they are much braver and will look every danger straight into the eyes.


Horoscope and bravery: Aries is fearless, Sagittarius like to risk