Horoscope: Positions of planets influence what we dream

Positions of planets influence what we dream. The transition of planets through the 12th field of the natal chart determines the character of our dreams the most.


 But even when this field is empty, it doesn't mean that we don't dream anything and that our sub-conscience is “empty”…

In order to interpret dreams correctly, it is always necessary to know exact time we dreamt something. Transit of Moon across a natal planet in any house is what determines our dream, especially if is happening in the 12th field – which represents our subconsciousness and dreams. When the Moon goes across a natal planet, we say it's in transit and then it “activates” that planet.


In order to understand what the dream is trying to tell us, it is necessary to analyze activated natal planet:

In other words, if the Moon was transiting the Sun, we will dream of a man, father or a person of authority.

If it was transiting Mercury, in the dream we'll be having conversations, sell, walk, run, be in touch with young people.

Transit of Moon across Venus will give love dreams, dreams of money, food, younger females and enjoyment. 

Transit across Mars, in the dream we'll be upset, sexually active, angry, possibly even hurt.

If Moon is transiting Jupiter, the dream is sending us some important instructions. 

HOROSCOPE DETERMINES: When do we dream PROPHETIC DREAMS and important instructions we can't neglect

Moon over Saturn indicates hard dreams, sorrow, cry, hunger, misery, old people and unpleasant things whose emotion we'll be feeling after we wake up.

If we dream of dead or you had a nightmare, most probably the Moon was transiting across your natal Pluto.

If we have unrealistic dreams such as flying, then it is possible that Uranus was activated. This planet indicates the future too, so the dream that appears when Uranus was active often indicates prophetic contents, which may come true.

Activated Neptune indicates dreams we are ashamed of or those which we only partially remember. 

 And finally, the transit of the Moon over natal Moon, gives us disturbing dreams for which we don't know whether we dreamt them or they really happened.

The astrological picture should also include information on what sign the planet is activated, but also, which field it rules because that determines the nature of the dream.

For example, a person has Mars in Capricorn in the fourth field of the horoscope.

In the moment of dreaming, Moon was crossing this point, and this person were dreaming building (Mars) a house (fourth field) of bones (Capricorn). Or activated Neptune in Scorpio in the second field: a person is dreaming of finding (Neptune) money (second field) which is the property of criminals (Scorpio). 


All this can be fun, but also very useful because if you track your dreams and the time you had them, you can find out what they are trying to tell you. Remember, the man who can interpret messages from subconsciousness, is half way there to getting to know himself.


People who have Mercury in the 12th field, except for talking in their sleep are probably sleep walking. If Mercury is 'attacked' than the person in this state is aggressive, and if aspects are good, everything finishes without consequences.