Zodiac signs and sport: Virgo like water sports, Scorpio is a fan of activities that require concentration and attention

Since Mars (planet of action) is in Aries, while Venus (symbol of beauty and food) enters in Taurus in the mid-month, it is right time to bring your body to perfection and welcome spring in a top shape! Fire signs fantasize about perfect figure and mainly work on it, practical Taurus finds gardening as the best recreation, Capricorns adore football, Gemini constantly change sports because they get easily bored ... By the end of month pay more attention to nutrition and focus on physical activity that corresponds with your sign.



Mars speeds up your metabolism and encourages you to take action and adrenaline sports such as rally racing, rafting, cycling, tennis, football, and aerobics. Since you are prone to excess feeding, you should introduce meals with fruit, fish and light salads, which will help you to relax your nervous system.



Instead of meat, more seafood and dairy products should be represented in your nutrition, since this food have beneficial effects on your thyroid gland and make you calm. Dancing is a great recreation for you, due to an inherent sense of rhythm, and work in garden is extremely relaxing for you. Water sports (water polo, aquabic, swimming) would suit you too.



Your nervous system is "crying out" for relaxation, but you change sports every six months as a curious child, from basketball and tennis to fencing and pocket billiards ... It would be good to get rid of bad eating habits, especially of "snacks" and carbonated drinks. You enjoy Chinese and oriental food, but also cheese, cream and grilled meat.



Mars encourages you to action, while Venus increases your appetite, so the way out for you is in fast walks by the river, lake or park with fountains. Exercises you can do at home, yoga, Pilates, and aquabick would suit you, especially if you are a lady. On your menu should be as much green salads and seafood as possible. 





You feel a rush of energy because Mars encourages you to action and engagement in various forms of recreation, cycling, tennis, swimming or aerobics ... You are irresistibly attracted by every sport, which gives you the opportunity to demonstrate physical beauty. As for the food, light cooked food is most suitable for you, and you also need meat or proteins, a little wine and as much squeezed juice from fresh fruit as possible.



Your sensitive nervous system needs to relax daily, fast walk in nature and by the river or morning jogging. You like water sports, especially swimming and aquabic. Avoid sweets at any cost, eat light meals, soups and vegetable potage in a relaxed atmosphere, and do not discuss "difficult" topics. 



Stretching exercises suit you in the morning and at the evening a good choice is dance, Pilates, aerobics, walking or massage. After March 17, sweets will tempt you from all sides, but it is better for you to eat integral rice, green salad and seafood. You should drink plenty of water, mineral and noncarbonated, as well as herbal teas. 


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You are attracted by adrenalin sports, rock climbing, hiking, rafting, martial arts. You are a fan of activities that require concentration and attention, boxing and shooting. Although you are one of the biggest gastronomes in the Zodiac, it is better for you to often consume foods with seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts.




Although you have a reputation of the biggest optimist in Zodiac, your nervous system is sensitive and you “compress” your anxiousness into the stomach. Instead of coffee, you should drink mint tea, dandelion and milfoil tea. Food with rice and boiled potatoes are salvation for your figure, as well as fast walking, tennis, basketball, skiing, horseback riding, fencing.



Relaxed massage and many dairy products, especially cheese, are the right solution for you, because you are short of calcium and your joints and bones are at danger. Instead of Turkish delight and baklava, your stomach and liver would be more pleased with almonds, walnuts and herbal teas. Among the sports you should choose football, hiking, walking in nature, swimming and skating.



Your food orientation should be on Chinese food, boiled vegetables, seafood and white wine, because it feels good to your body. You like extreme sports, such as paragliding, parachuting, rafting and diving. You also like activities that require skill and thinking: chess, fencing, table tennis, skiing, and tennis.



The ideal way of recreation for you is roller riding, skating, skiing, hockey, swimming and diving. You can engage in yoga or some of the Eastern arts of relaxation and stretching, as well as belly dance. You should eat as much seafood, mango, kiwi and bananas as possible, and drink herbal teas and red wine.


Zodiac signs and sport: Virgo like water sports, Scorpio is a fan of activities that require concentration and attention