Even though we are all individuals for ourselves, with different patterns of behavior, each astrological sign has something of its own that makes it recognizable.

If you want to know how someone will be when they enter marriage, just find his /her sign and see what awaits them.

ARIES (21.3.- 20.4.)

HE - Representatives of your sign have nothing against marriage, just the opposite, even though you are considered an egocentric person, you love the feeling of security that marriage provides.

SHE – She may have several marriages, for her marriage is an adventure but she still chooses well who she'll marry. Her partner has to be successful, use common sense more than the heart and the greatest aphrodisiac for a woman Aries is a successful man. 

TAURUS (21.4.-21.5.)

HE - One of the most passionate but also the slowest men in horoscope may be very young when he desires to enter a marriage, and if he feels unrestrained and his wife takes care of everything, he will be almost ideal husband, especially if it is the true type of Taurus host.

SHE - Taurus wife is also not one of those women who care about age so you need to keep an eye on her. One of the most beautiful women in the Zodiac is trying to stay beautiful and desirable not only for her husband but primarily for herself and for others.

GEMINI (22.5.- 21.6.) 

HE – Infinitely charming, ideal son, boyfriend, brother, friend, and as a husband he is a bit unstable unless his ascendant is in Capricorn or Taurus. It’s never boring with him, to a woman he is first the best friend and he can really appreciate her career, her success, and he doesn’t like too much romance.

SHE- She really cares about her safety and marriage even though she may not be showing that. Before marriage she is very sociable and mischievous, but when married she can really settle down and become committed to her partner. She’s a bit naive, convinced that she will be in charge in marriage, but as a rule, she chooses dominant men who find the way to fight for their freedom.


CANCER (21.6. - 22.7.)

HE – He is considered a genuine host and he really are, but only when he's hosting a barbecue. He always likes to look at other women and he remains a big child. Only when he enters a marriage, woman realizes that he was not so ready to take an active role in any sphere of life ..

SHE – To most women Cancer, marriage is imperative so they can enter marriage very young, which then becomes quite burdensome for them because they don't really like obligations.

LEO (23.7.-22.8.)

HE – He doesn't know what he wants. At times it seems to him that he will never enter marriage, he sees his friends in that situation and mostly he doesn't like it, he's trying to stay a boy, without obligations, he doesn't like loneliness or routine.

SHE- Active, capable, self-confident, ready to enter marriage at a young age, even more times if necessary, there are no obstacles for her. Although she seems egocentric, once she decides to get married, then it is a priority for her and she is excellent wife and mother.


VIRGO (23.8. - 22.9.)

HE- One of those that every mother would want for her son-in-law until he becomes the part of your family. He is still charming, pleasant; everybody loves him but he notices his wife the least.

SHE - Main "martyr" of the Zodiac, since she is a good daughter, raised well, she enters marriage with numerous ideals and a romantic notion of marriage that for her becomes quite a tiring job.

LIBRA (23.9. - 22.10.)

HE - Since he has one face for the rest of the world, the other for his close ones, he doesn't want to face himself, the gentleman in the soul, romantic who can't show it, always wondering how to win over the one he likes.

SHE - charming, easily falls in love, insufficiently tolerant, self-centered, she won't stand for what bothers her. To her it is important never to lose her personal dignity and she doesn't like to sacrifice anything for anyone, not even for the one she marries ...

SCORPIO (23.10.- 22.11.) 

HE - There is hardly a Scorpio who didn't get married, perhaps even very young. He loves marriage, he loves love, loves women and loves to love, either in or out of wedlock.

SHE – She has many opportunities to get married and when she decides to do it, she listens to common sense rather than her heart, even though she needs to feel physical attraction. She is maximally tolerant as long as she is respected.


SAGITTARIUS (21.11.- 21.12.)

HE – According to him registrars should not exist at all, he would rather live in a hippie commune; he doesn’t recognize any conventional relationships but if he thinks that marriage would be a new adventure for him, or that his partner expects it from him, he'll do it ‘for her’.

SHE- She is not much more serious since she enters a marriage out of passion, she sincerely loves the person she is marrying, there are no calculations, and therefore she will not be willing to make compromises if she feels that her dignity is jeopardized.

CAPRICORN ( 22.12.-20.1)

HE - Truly devoted, loyal husband and host, he doesn’t give up on romance easily and if there isn’t any in marriage, he will manage. Most representatives of this sign can organize well their life both in marriage and outside of it.

SHE – She would be ideal only if she wouldn’t  have great expectations and if she didn’t constantly look for attention. She doesn’t settle for a prosaic life, daily routine, and even though she seems very business-like, cold and reserved, she hides passion beneath the mask of apparent indifference.

AQUARIUS ( 21.1.-19.2.)

HE – He claims that no one will ever ‘catch’ him for marriage and has at least two or three without knowing how they happened. If he doesn’t have a couple of girls he likes at the same time, his wife can be happy. It is easy to communicate with him, though he is unpredictable, if you are never completely honest.

SHE – She is full of understanding, a great friend, a great mother and a great wife, she fails to impress people as fatal seductress no matter how much she is in love. She doesn’t hide how much she cares about partner but she doesn’t hide when she's nervous, in bad mood, suspicious, she is more or less an open book, which is why she should be very carefully about who she’s getting married to, it's best to be someone who is dedicated to his career.

PISCES (20.2.- 20.3.)

HE - Romantic enthusiast who usually gets married young. He is ready to be what is expected of him but his soul doesn’t age nor he matures in a marriage, he stays what he really is and that is a boy who’s always in love.

SHE – She has at least two marriages and a few love stories. It is possible that before marriage she has had quite a complicated love life, although she may start living together with someone while very young and then leave her partner, then go back to him, until she realizes what she really wants.