Zodiac signs that are meanest to their partners

Whether you believe in horoscope or not, there are some things that each of us will recognize in ourselves, family, friends or partner.

And while some traits of signs are praise worthy, no one wants to acknowledge some others. Find out which zodiac signs are most dangerous as partners:




Fidelity: If in his head that is not it, cheating happens suddenly and is not uncommon. But if they really fall in love, Aries love with all their heart.


Jealousy: 75 percent




Fidelity: They like security and happiness that a firm and stable relationship brings. They are not prone to cheating and are loyal partners. Temptations are not a problem for them, and they will surely resist them.


Jealousy: 65 percent




Fidelity: Although they may want to be faithful and loyal, their charm is really difficult to resist. If they are not in a serious relationship, they adore flirting, even if they don’t want anything more than hanging out, which can confuse the other party. But when they genuinely fall in love, Gemini try to please their partner and be faithful.


Jealousy: 25 percent




Fidelity:  If their relationship is quality and worth saving, Cancer will be loyal and faithful to the very end. But considering their rather big demands, a solid relationship in their eyes can easily turn into something that is not worth saving. While happy, Cancer is faithful.


Jealousy: 85 percent





Fidelity:  With the right words and gestures, Leo can be easily seduced, but that doesn’t mean that they will sacrifice their relationship, but that they will put everything on a scale and evaluate what suits them more. They have a great ego, which makes it difficult to impress them.


Jealousy: 80 percent

Zodiac signs that are meanest to their partners



Fidelity: Virgos are very faithful and loyal, and expect the same from their partner. But this sign can become unstable in a long relationship, especially if they like someone's flattering. They find it hard to fall in love.


Jealousy: 40 percent




Fidelity: Libras like to experiment and weight, both in life in general and in a relationship, which is why it can be said that they are not loyal partners. They enjoy love and adventures, and it’s hard to tame them. But if someone manages to do it, they stay happy and in love for long.




Fidelity: Scorpios are known as great charmers because of their cunning and well-chosen words, and also because of the strong love appeal that they radiate. Although they are prone to adventures and like to try out new things, if they choose a partner for life, they will dedicate themselves to them.


Jealousy: 90 percent




Fidelity: They are very socially active and popular, which is why their faithfulness is not mentioned as a good feature. They want a stable relationship, but from time to time they are ready for an affair.


Jealousy: 20 percent




Fidelity: This sign stands firmly on the ground and doesn’t need any flattery to satisfy their needs. They are very faithful and loyal and expect the same from their partner. They are willing to suffer for true love.


Jealousy: 30 percent




Fidelity: Very unpredictable lovers who are hard to control. They like playing games and that often ‘leads’ them to infidelity. They are very uncertain about love, which makes them vulnerable and prone to experimentation.


Jealousy: 10 percent




Fidelity: Pisces are very open, and they love to swim in social and love waters. Their relationships are long and stable. When they love, they love honestly, and they will show it with their actions, but also, affairs are not completely unknown to them.


Jealousy: 70 percent