Eight things you shouldn't tell your partner

Honesty with your partner isn't always helpful.

Some things shouldn't be said in order to keep peace in your relationship.

Remember the rule 'Be 100% honest with each other' in order to have a happy relationship? Yes, that's right. This is one of the greatest jokes, because, really, you can’t tell your partner everything, can you? There are moments when simply the most mature (and wisest) thing you can do – is to be quiet.

Be careful and refrain from telling your partner any of these eight things.

1. That you cheated on your previous partners

It is true that you certainly feel sorry for sleeping with your ex-partner’s friend, but who cares? Knowing these facts about you will not make him admire you more because you've been completely honest with him. On the contrary, it will cause just the opposite reaction. Therefore, never talk about infidelities that you committed in the past. What he doesn’t know certainly won’t hurt him.

2. That one of your friends is cheating on her partner

It’s a fact that the old saying ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ is not always true, but you can’t blame him if he starts thinking that way. If he hears that you have a friend who is prone to cheating, he may think that you are not any better. Therefore, if you don’t want him to doubt you even when you try to prove your loyalty in every possible way, keep your mouth shut when the topic is your friends and their relationships. 


3. That one of his friends is making a move on you

If this is something that’s happened several times, you should definitely tell him that his friend is stabbing him in the back. But if something like this happens for the first time, it is better not to say anything about it. Because, really, what's the use of planting the doubt over something that you are not yourself sure happened. That way friendship won’t be destroyed because of something that was possibly a misunderstanding.

Eight things you shouldn't tell your partner

4. That you are attracted to someone else besides him

Maybe you thought that admiring the handsome guy with big biceps from across the street is no big deal. Well, let's say you're so wrong. You shouldn’t say it or show it to your partner because you will hit him where you shouldn’t - his ego. And when his ego is hurt, it shows in bed. And you certainly wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

5. That you are supposed to go out with your ‘cool’ colleague from work

Just the idea that you think that a man with whom you work and spend time from Monday to Friday is ‘cool’, will make your partner jealous. He will think that you want to go out with a colleague, and that you’re using him as a cover. So, as much as this proposal sounds innocent, in most cases it will have nasty consequences.

6. That you despise his mother

Never pay attention to his mother’s inappropriate behavior or of any other relative you’ve been in contact with. Sharing the fact that you don’t like a woman who gave birth to him much, may bring him closer to you for a while, but you never know if he’s going to use it against you in future. If you don’t feel comfortable with his family, tell it to your friends, because they certainly won’t go there and tell him all about it. 


7. That you are not impressed with his performance

It doesn’t matter whether he’s cooking you lunch, having a presentation at work or is trying to satisfy you in bed, you should be his number one fan. You will be amazed with the improvement in everything he does after saying a simple sentence ‘I believe in you!’ a couple of times.

8. That he should be better in bed

Nothing hurts male ego as a statement that he is not good in bed. Yes, you certainly have your sexual needs, but if he has just met them, it doesn’t mean that you’ve seen all of his skills in bed. You can’t  tell him brutally that he's awful in bed.

There is another way of telling him that he’s not good in bed, without hurting him. Or, even better, you could simply tell him what you like so that he knows exactly what to do.


Eight things you shouldn't tell your partner