The energy of full Moon: It can increase your level of positive energy, and it can stir your emotions

The energy of full moon can be good for you if you use it correctly. It can increase your level of positive energy, and it can stir your emotions ...​

Full Moon is a special day in the month when we experience the culmination of energy. Vibrations get stronger on that day even on a physical level - water in our body becomes more restless. Some people take this change well, some do not. Therefore, some may feel much more strength and enthusiasm on the day of full moon, some may feel more spiritual vibrations, some may be very irritated and nervous, and some may have trouble sleeping on the night of the full moon.​

Everything becomes more powerful on the full Moon. Therefore, depending on our nature and characteristics, certain qualities become more powerful in us. If we are in harmony with ourselves, the full moon will bring a lot of positive vibrations - the universe always reflects what we carry within ourselves. But if we are restless, we will feel more unrest and chaos on that day. It has been scientifically proven that on the day of the Full Moon there are more sudden and impulsive crimes - it's not a coincidence.​

Therefore, be careful what you are thinking about during that day – it could come true. But, it can bring very positive results if we use affirmations, prayer, meditation, even for the healing process. Every energy in the universe, we can use either in a constructive or in a destructive way – it depends only on us.

Thus, full moon brings an enormous amount of energy and therefore you have to be at rest. Otherwise, it won’t produce a positive effect.

Everything that happens in your body, mind and spirit will be enhanced during the full moon. If you were a little angry, you would get mad even more. If you are happy, you will be even happier. This energy is very strong and therefore you should know how to direct it on the right path.

The following five feng shui tips (for two days before and two days after the full moon) will help you to use its energy properly.

1. Restrain

Don’t enter arguments, debates, fights, don’t be angry. Full Moon is a time when you need to be calm, to let some things happen. This is the time when - breathing deeply -  you should go through difficulties and forgive others.

If you can’t help but discuss something with someone, at least try to do it two days after the full moon. Everything that happens now will be exaggerated. Therefore, try to maintain balance and good energy.


2. Think positively

Everyone should think positively, but especially during the period of the full moon. Just don’t overdo it, because during this period everything is exaggerated, so your positive thoughts can multiply to the point of losing a realistic view of everything around you.

Just five minutes of positive thoughts a day is enough to ‘get through’ the day. For example, you can write a letter to thank the universe for everything you’ve got. You can stand in front of the mirror and boast. You can walk and notice the beauty of your surrounding.

The energy of full Moon: It can increase your level of positive energy, and it can stir your emotions

3. Fantasize, attract abundance...​

Imagine all your dreams coming true. Period of the full moon is great for improvement of this technique. Think about your goals and write them all down on paper. Also, this is a great time to create a Desire map.​

Put all your desires on a board. Try to make it cheerful, colorful and picturesque. All the time spent in daydreaming about achieving goals in this period will only contribute to fulfillment.

When the moon is full, its energy changes, and then, under the influence of the law of attraction, it is most precious for increasing affluence. Although, due to its strength it will make imbalance in the health segment and bring insomnia, for finances this energy is precious. That is why it is said to be ‘careful’ with what you are thinking about during the day – it could come true.​

The simplest ritual is to take a bill (preferably a red one), reports portal Raise your hand and wave it for a few seconds or minutes (according to your feeling) towards the Moon while you are focused on visualizing and feeling your money multiply. Then leave that bill in your wallet ‘overnight’. Spend it the next day.​

Similar to this, when the moon is in decline (a few days after the full moon), look at the moon and visualize your problems disappear, decline.​

The power of faith, feelings, affirmation and visualization, ie. tools of the law of attraction together with a vast natural energy of the Moon is the combination that really works.


4. Meditate​

You can meditate alone or in a group. Since full moon gives us so much energy, meditation will be of great help in every way.​

5. Send a little positive energy to those in need​

When the greatest wave of energy of the full moon passes, send some good energy, forgiveness and kindness to friends, family, colleagues and even to complete strangers. Send some of the peace energy to the places where there’s suffering, hunger, that are affected by war. Try to send the energy from the heart.

The energy of full Moon: It can increase your level of positive energy, and it can stir your emotions