GREAT SUMMER HOROSCOPE: Period of intense emotions and powerful excitement

Summer horoscope brings you excitement, we are entering a period of intense emotions and strong unconscious projections.


Summer months are totally favorable for you, only in June you will be calm and slow, but the situation changes already in the first days of July. Engaged members of the sign may get an offer after July 15, in love or business plan, that will be difficult to refuse. The ideal time for vacation will be the beginning of August when full of enthusiasm; they will want to devote completely to loved one or dear people for a week or two.


Summer is the time to jump out of the comfort zone! You want a new job, new love, or any change? Well, now is the time to step out and make that big step that will very much affect your future! The first weeks of July are perfect for a holiday to recharge your batteries for the rest of an exciting summer! An Aquarius has been longing for your affection for a long time, so August might be a time to finally loosen up and plunge into an adventure!


Even though June is your month, you won't finish anything important during this period. More precisely, summer will serve you exclusively for rest, relaxation and gathering of energy for the beginning of autumn when important decisions and projects await for you! When it comes to love, August is favorable for you, especially for single members. An ideal match for you is Leo, and during August you may have wonderful moments together!

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Summer ahead of you is an ideal period to reconcile the past and present. Start from mid-June to slowly clean your life. Finally, close the door to negative people and give a chance to a person who has been showing you affection for a long time. Yes, we mean that Gemini or Scorpio. Don't miss a business opportunity in August that will perhaps open the door for foreign countries!


Leos, darlings, we know that you are special and that summer months are perfect for you. You shine in almost every situation, but try to share that place with the people around you this summer. If it is possible, try to resist the temptations and be faithful to your beloved (if you are engaged). Singles will have so many opportunities (both good and less good) that it will be difficult to decide. Another half of August will be perfect for vacation when you will somewhere offshore summarize impressions from the past months!

GREAT SUMMER HOROSCOPE: Period of intense emotions and powerful excitement


Dear Virgos, it is time to brake and relax because you don't always have to be perfect and directed, especially not this June! July and August will be much more favorable so save all the important decisions for this period. One Libra won't leave you alone, and you will be tempted after July 15 to ask yourself whether she is there for a reason!

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June is the right time to deal with your love life! If you have been alone for a long time, relax and give a chance to the person who has repeatedly shown their sincere feelings. During July fights with your partner are possible or a call from the past that will bring unrest to your previously peaceful relationship.


It's time to learn something from Gemini and their energy especially during the summer. Don't get closed in yourself, socialize and consider finally saying YES to that person that has been showing you their honest feelings for a long time! July is the right month to put an end to a former love, but also work that no longer meets your needs! Don't be afraid to make radical changes this summer in your life because you have the full support of the stars!



You can't wait for summer so your wild nature comes out! Even though June will seem calm and boring, in the first half of July the situation changes and you won't be able to choose the best offer (both in business and love). The person in the sign of Taurus openly shows you his intentions, and if you stay in touch until the beginning of July, perhaps your relation develops into something more. Wait until the end of August and choose the destination for a holiday, because you actually don't need rest!


Luckily for you in June everything is about pleasure and play. You won't be able to restrain your love desires and you will be in a dilemma who to choose! Make sure that you don't hurt someone's feelings! July is reserved for resting and making important plans for the future! If you've been planning to go abroad for a while, don't wait for the fall but take action in August!


Members of this sign who are in relationships this July will enjoy the affection of their loved one and will definitely think about living together or expanding family! Don't let your plans and idyll be violated by someone from the past with whom you still have not set things straight! Ideal period for the holiday is the beginning of September, when you finish all your work obligations that you'll have plenty of this summer!


You've been a little absent lately, right? Don't worry because the end of June brings more favorable aspects! In July, it will be time to plan some sort of escape, so until then check out all destinations and book your piece of rest. It doesn't have to be far away or extravagant, only to feel good. The fatal encounter is possible during your vacation with a fire sign!

GREAT SUMMER HOROSCOPE: Period of intense emotions and powerful excitement