EVERYTHING WAS GREAT AND THEN HE SUDDENLY BREAKS UP: 8 reasons why he decided to leave you

We give you some of the most frequent reasons that are behind sudden and inexplicable break-ups.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where the partner broke off all contact with you or suddenly wanted to break up? At the beginning you fall in love, and as the relationship progresses suddenly things between you become cold and you break up.

These eight reasons are probably the answer to the question why the relationship ended so quickly.

You are moving too fast

If you both act too intensely at the beginning and give each other everything without thinking that some things still need to go slowly, this will make room for failure. Every successful relationship takes time to develop.

You imagine that your relationship is perfect

If you find yourself saying that your relationship is perfect, it's time to have someone wake you up from this dream. We all have flaws, and it would be best to deal with them as early as possible in a relationship because you can learn to love some flaws, but some are difficult to overcome.


You didn't know the person you were going out with well enough

It usually takes at least six months to get to know a person the right way. Only when you know your partner for who he really is, at that moment you can decide whether you want to be together or not.

EVERYTHING WAS GREAT AND THEN HE SUDDENLY BREAKS UP: 8 reasons why he decided to leave you

You didn't notice that the partner carries a burden from the past

When you enter a relationship, it is very likely that at some point you will find out something from his past that remained unresolved. These are usually some childhood traumas that this person hasn't overcome yet. Seriously consider this problem and think carefully if you can deal with it.

The romance is gone

Partner was very romantic in the beginning. He was making you dinner with candles and brought chocolate when you were sick, but the only romance you see now is lying and watching movies all day. When the romance is completely gone, the relationship is gone too.


You found out that he is just a flatterer and a liar

No, you're not just imagining, you can tell when someone is lying. Lying is often a reflection of big flaws in character, and generally, it can't disappear. You don't need such a person in your life.

You learned that your feelings do not match

While you wished for a relationship you were very excited, but when you finally got into one, the only thing you feel is a big emotional void. We all express emotions and love in a different way, and if his way of expressing love does not match with yours, don't waste your time.

Suddenly you became the person who has to change

All of a sudden he begins to assume the role of the 'boss' in your relationship? You get a kind of a guide 'how to be in a relationship' with detailed instructions on how to live your life, which friends you can meet and which you can't, how often you can go out and all those little things that you need to change with explanation that it is important in order to get a better version of your personality ? How much will it take you to understand that this is not the 'job' for which you signed, decide yourself.


EVERYTHING WAS GREAT AND THEN HE SUDDENLY BREAKS UP: 8 reasons why he decided to leave you