HOROSCOPE: Biggest happiness and wealth awaits these four signs in JUNE 2016

A lot of fun, loads of money, partying, period of happiness and wealth expects us in June


Work: There's a very weird month in front of you. Bad luck will follow you especially in the financial plan. It won't be a problem for you to do stuff for a couple of bucks these days, there will be plenty of money but not all at once, from job to job, you may even earn enough for a couple of days away on holiday. Those born in the third decade can expect too much enthusiasm, but not too much strength. If you haven't been able to earn some money until now, you can expect sudden gain from betting or a bonus at the middle of the month, and you will be able to buy all the silly things that you need and you're trying to save cash.

Those who are unemployed can hope for excellent opportunities in the first days of June; they just need to let go chilling and doing nothing a little and move, because, sorry, nobody wants to work for you.

Love: What the stars are telling you in this month is that during great heat you must regularly use water and soap and wax if you want to charm the opposite sex with thighs and legs, or there will be no steamy summer adventures.

Health: If you have chronic problems, you can blame it on Jupiter, but we still advise you to go to and see a doctor. Even just to tell them about the symptoms, they will know what to do ...



Work: Another sign that will have money this month. Some serious money, and I don't mean 40 or 50, but more like between 300 and 700 euros.

If you are in private business, you will get all those delayed payments and withheld money, so you will spend nights with your accountant, writing down when you bought the toilet paper and consumer goods just to get some money to go to the sea. Man's got to do what man's got to do; times are hard and women are demanding and hungry for money.

You are trying to expand in the area of your business and you won’t give up desire for money despite the new challenges that won’t be so easy until the middle of June.

There is a danger that you’ll get into trouble with unplanned costs, so we advise you not to sit drunk behind the wheel, I see you a ticket here in the horoscope. 

Love: If you are single, you can be relieved during this month, because you will not be having sex this month too. You like to caress yourself and you enjoy that.

Love romance with a Scorpio or Virgo is inevitable if you go on that vacation that you mentioned yesterday or the day before...  

The thickness of your wallet is the key to success in the field of emotions. Don’t ask for too much from yourself but from others, because when you don’t appreciate yourself, you don’t get much action. You'll be dealing intensively with your love life during the first half of June. In the end, you’ll give up, but already in the month of July, you will have way too much work in the sack. Rest well before the marathon starts!

Health: Pay attention to how much you eat and take a picture of it all, and post it on Instagram. That’s what young people do and there’s nothing wrong with it. 

HOROSCOPE: Biggest happiness and wealth awaits these four signs in JUNE 2016


Work: People in your environment realize that you are an ass. You don’t see occasional changes around you, but you rub in everyone’s nose your small and insignificant successes, like for example: Look at how good I lined the clips or, today at lunch I ate three pancakes even though we were all supposed to get one!

You will have to work a little bit harder because Saturn in opposition is telling you that you are going to be fired unless you make your boss some extra profit straight away. You act like a parasite anyway, all day eating and hiccuping in the halls, instead of doing something.

If you are coping with Capricorn or your ideas don’t match after some work, you can expect that you will be physically attacked.

Try to act collegially, so use only defensive karate moves, because this person is smart and will sue you if you give him a black eye. So beat him only with an ugly mop on his head.

Love: Sometimes you feel such hardship in the field of emotions and you can’t forgive your partner for serving you only pancakes with jam, and he knows very well that you first like a couple with cheese, then the cream and cake with a touch of cold blackberries.

We encourage you to terminate this relationship, so you don’t stay hungry.

Health: Beware of total psychical burst in the head.



Work: When it comes to your financial situation there is no other solution than to visit a clinic for mental health. Take my word when I tell you that it is not financially profitable to sit in a pub every day.

You need to think a little about the fridge and the family; you are not alone in this world. It's okay to afford to let some steam out, but you seem to have fallen out of a song by Tom Waits. Get a grip; it's easy to get wasted every day.

Don’t allow yourself to enter a conflict with a Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces because they are bastards and work in a team. They'll kick your ass if you play wise guy too much, so we suggest you take them out one by one ..

Try to get your hands on a better business solutions that will work in the following period.

You will never get an increase in salary, never.

Love: You attract dangerous types, those who are into crime or illegal acts because you are turned on by adrenaline, so your boyfriend is often very ugly, bald, promiscuous and has tattoos. However, no one has the right to judge you, and really, you don’t give a damn.

Dating a pistil may soon turn into a marriage. Don’t miss the opportunity for something more this time.

Health: You have increased pressure in the intestines due to gasses. Eat only snacks and drink mineral water for a few days, so when you get better, you can proceed as usual.


HOROSCOPE: Biggest happiness and wealth awaits these four signs in JUNE 2016