How do they dance: Pisces dances weird, Taurus seduces, Gemini jump

Taurus and Pisces are known for their slow moves, Aries and Gemini show off, Capricorn is a dancing machine...



Aries plays air guitar

Members of this sign are energetic dancers who get sweat after two dances as if they were running the marathon. They lift and lower their shoulders, and twist and squirm so that the dance looks pretty comic. If the music is rock, they'll play air guitar, if it is pop or techno, they'll jump. They only rhythm they do not dance to is a slow one, they do not know what to do with their hands.


Taurus is sensual

There are two types of Taureans- those who have two left feet, and those with the incredible sense of rhythm. The latter are very sensual dancers who look great on a dance floor. They attract attention whenever they dance. They do not like people who push them on a dance floor, so they 'subtly' elbow them in the ribs. 


Gemini does not dance; they jump

Members of this sign are all over the dance floor. They run, jump, flick with their fingers, raise their hands up, and also sing all along. They really enjoy dancing and won't miss an opportunity to show their dancing skills. They are a true entertainer and will do other people dance that makes them favorite guests at every party. 


Cancer feels the rhythm

Cancers have an innate sense of rhythm and, just like Taureans, look seductive on a dance floor. They can get carried away by the music, so they close their eyes and disappear into his own world. Even if they fool around, they look somehow elegant, because their intention is not to show off, but simply to enjoy. You can recognize them by their characteristic swaying left and right moves.


Leo is an acrobat

Leos like to show off, so they enjoy the attention that dancing brings. Technically, they are energetic and have all good moves of acrobatic dance, but they usually lack elegance. However, they compensate that with drama, so they swing with their hips and arms. And, they do not miss to see who is watching them.

How do they dance: Pisces dances weird, Taurus seduces, Gemini jump

Virgos dance by book

Members of this sign dance by the book, there is no creativity in their moves, but they do look ok. They are better in dancing alone, than in a pair, they usually step on their partners' toes and blame them for missing the rhythm. Virgos are tireless; they could dance for hours. Their greatest wish is to master the complex steps and fascinate people around them.



Gracious and elegant, Libras are sign that love dancing. Unfortunately, they are not all god in it, so there are a great number of Libras that cannot master the art of dance because they simply do not feel the rhythm. On the other hand, a smaller number of them, usually those who have been dancing from the early age, are professionals.


Scorpios are those who lead

Scorpios are, generally, great dancers who like to lead. After a few drinks, their dance becomes more relaxed, so it shouldn't surprise you if they begin to remove 'unnecessary' pieces of clothing. They have provocative moves and it looks like if they make love on the dance floor.


Sagittarians have two left feet

Although being sports talent, Sagittarian is not much of a dancer, because he cannot decide whether to be creative, or to follow the dance steps. That is the reason why they end up jumping, or on their knees. Those Sagittarians who dance well could teach others- they would introduce acrobatics and almost impossible moves.

Capricorn is a dancing machine

Although they restrain from almost everything, when it comes to dancing, Capricorns becomes dancing machines. At the same time, they have fun and imitate different styles- from Moonwalk and robot dance to imitating animals. Capricorns like Latino dances- they know how the right way to move their hips.


Aquarians do not know what to do with their hands

When dancing as a part of a couple, they can be brilliant dancers, but the problem is when they dance alone. They do not know what to do with their hands; they look somehow awkward with their hands by their bodies. Then they rather move from the dance floor to the bar, and how their dance looks like afterwards- they don't really care. 


Pisces dances awkwardly

Members of this sign are definitely the weirdest people on the dance floor. Their dance is hard to define, and they can look like Mr. Bean when examining something. You can have a great lough with them; they feel the best in a romantic slow dance with their partners.

How do they dance: Pisces dances weird, Taurus seduces, Gemini jump