An initial letter of your name can say a lot about your character

There is a theory according to which our name influences our great deal- check if these descriptions suit you...


Name is a combination of sounds, and the power of sound hasn’t been fully tested yet. Is it possible that the first letter of our name, which is considered to be the most prominent and has the biggest influence on us, determines our nature to some extent too...?

A People whose name begins with letter A are diligent, great workers, but also love comfort and enjoyment. They will never sit helplessly; they’ll do everything to make their lives better. They try to be materially well-provided, so they generally have well-paid jobs. They love being surrounded by people.

B People whose name starts with a B are very sensitive. They are talented, so you can meet them among artists or scientists. They have a constant desire to travel. Their love affairs are turbulent but also fatal. They have tough character.

V Those whose name begins with this letter are also sensitive, faithful; they look for love for life and surrender to their partner completely. They love very firmly and passionately. They are very careful, they like to plan well everything they do, but it often happens that they overlook some important details.

G People whose name starts with a G are very neat and like having everything in its own place at home, clean and tidy. They pay great attention to details. They want to be acknowledged in society but they are not interested in fame particularly. They like security and they strive for new knowledge.


D These are very independent people. They like to have their peace and freedom and enjoy their home. When they want something, they get it quickly and easily because they have strong character.

E These people are very thoughtful and detailed. They will look at the problem from every angle, and then proceed to resolve it. They are good at the business plan and successful in contact with people.

 Z These are people with strong character. They are responsible, very intuitive, profound, but sometimes they can be moody and closed. They are there when a friend needs help but they expect gratitude in return.  

What does an initial letter of your name say about your character?

I These people have empathy, kindness, but are also practical. They are creative even in everyday jobs. They are good at writing, drawing, have a gift for music and often become artists.

J People whose name starts with a J are eternal children. Their appearance is very impressive and they have a big heart. They have qualities of a leader. With these people you'll never get bored, they are very dynamic and capable.

 K These is mysterious people who no one will never get to know completely. They are a bit introverted, they have a small number of friends, not because it is difficult for them to establish contact, but because they want so. They like it best in their own world. They are very mysterious, both to themselves and to others.

L These people really like to pamper themselves and they are real artists when it comes to that. They like quality and comfort. They can often be unpleasant in the company and hard to communicate with. They constantly worry about something, they are pessimistic and there are only few who can please them.

M These are true nature lovers. They are responsible, but sometimes they can avoid obligations in order to treat themselves with pleasure. They are often shy and sometimes negligent for people around them.

N People whose name starts with this letter are born rebels. They don't like authority or bosses. They have a sharp mind and are always critical towards themselves and to the others. They are dedicated to working even when they do what they don't like. 

O These are perfectionists. They desire acknowledgment and respect. They are very principled, but they are also conservative. Family comes first for them and they try and make sure that nothing lacks in that field.

P These people live their life to the fullest. They like travelling and excitement. They live for popularity and glory. They desire great achievements. 

R Even when they keep quiet, they are in the center of attention.They are brave, courageous, self-confident people. They have firm attitude and it's no use arguing with them about anything. Whatever they plan, they do it.

S  Material values are the most important to these people. Ambition is very pronounced with them and they are firm in their work. On the other hand, in love they are insecure and often unhappy.

T People whose name starts with a T are sensitive, intuitive, creative people who feel best in their world of imagination. They love fashion and exotics. They are very principled.


U These are true adventurers. They like travelling and they work on their spiritual development and rising. They would never do a job they don't like. 

F These are great individuals. They will never do wrong to others, but they also know how to take care of their own interests. They don’t like owing anything to anyone and don’t forget services that others have done for them. These are responsible people with a strong sense of gratitude.

H These people love to be in the center of attention and they are willing to do anything to get there, which includes all kinds of stupid things. They know their way in every situation and gladly accept the criticism of others.

C People see them as talkers who always speak too soon, but skilled manipulators hide behind that. Otherwise, they are gentle, always willing to share their secrets with others.

What does an initial letter of your name say about your character?