Horoscope and karma: Scorpio possess enormous energy, Pisces have the great ability of intuitive thinking and acting

According to Brahmans and Buddhist teachings, karma is a principle that is based on moral principles and the belief

that our present life, character, and destiny are determined by actions performed in a previous life. 


Horoscope and KARMA: Here's why you manage adversity in life!
According to Brahmans and Buddhist teachings, karma is a principle that is based on moral principles and the belief that our present life, character, and destiny are determined by actions performed in a previous life. 

It represents a man's good and evil deeds by which our reincarnation is determined. Based on the principles of absolute justice, punishment or reward, the doctrine of karma encourages us to reflect about our own actions and to take responsibility for our own lives.


Aries (March 21-April 20)


People that are born in this period have an exceptional karmic energy that border with aggression, and also mean an escape from the monotony and self-criticism. By proper use of these innate traits, people will much easier deal with their lives assignment, which consist of finding an inner balance. Because they are torn between the internal and external challenges, for them will be difficult to find peace and security for which they crave, until, through self-sacrifice and failures, they learn how to cope with life even when their paths are not strewn with flowers.

All that they need to do is, after many ups and downs, to find the courage to release the past without regret and rests, to continue to live in the present, looking always and only forward. They must, without bitterness and self-pity, allow the experience to be their teacher of life and to find joy and inner fulfillment in flexibility and understanding of life and the acceptance of their own and others' limits and options.


Taurus (April 21-May 20)


Karmic task of people born under the sign of Taurus is based on creating and opening its own spirit and to provide a way for wisdom, understanding, and flexibility. To those people were assigned at their birth, the safety and confidence that should be based on all their other internal upgrades. Behind their explosive reaction and preferences of subjecting other people to their will and expectations, usually are hidden doubts and fears that a changing of their opinions or circumstances will bring them a loss and defeat. In particular, criticism of those around them and to whose opinion they care about.

Highly principled, these people listen and do not hear, watch and do not see, living in the false belief that is exactly what they consider as true, is only right and proper truth. So they have to learn to fight against their stubbornness and extreme conservatism. Their task consists of the fact to control their own energy, which will enable them to act less in the direction of achieving goals, and to devote to reflections, analyzing and sentient life, and in this way will open to themselves the way to spirituality.


Gemini (May 21-June 21)


Karmic task of Gemini is to find harmony in his dual nature. Skillful, agile, curious and unsteady, they hardly finalize the tasks that are given to them, although they try to carry them out. The blame for failure that is a result of such behavior, they always pass on someone else, escaping from dealing with the core of their problems. Narcissistic by nature, they see themselves as better than others, considering their right to expect the best positions and recognitions, and do not realize that something needs to be deserved.

As much as to earthly things, they are attracted to spiritual questions, they must learn how to overcome their superficiality, mood changes, and contradictions between their thoughts and actions. In order to achieve their inner balance, they need to devote themselves to meditation, reflection, and analysis of their own actions, especially patience and persistence. In this way, they will learn to recognize solutions to their problems in those things in which, hitherto, could not see them.

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Cancer (June 22-July 22)


Karmic task of Cancers is to develop their physical, material nature. They inherited, from their previous incarnation, a developed spiritual consciousness, which now needs to be the foundation for developing practical sources of their lives. So must avoid meditation and break free from the excessive emotionality that develop a need for constant proof of love, care, and devotion. By their nature Cancers are not warriors and it is completely unrealistic to expect from them grit or aggression. When are forced to fight for their beliefs, from those wars they regularly get out as losers, which is a big blow to their self-esteem, and produce their new complexes and frustrations. Because such struggle is unfair and disturbing, one should stay away from it. Instead of war, a quiet confidence and self-esteem, that are based on their actual and verifiable qualities, will become their strongest weapon. When they realize that the mind and body can be comprehensive, they will work on their own independence and will realize that coping with life does not have to be painful.


Leo (July 23 - August 23)


From its previous incarnation Leo, in the present life, is bringing awareness of the reality. They were in, a previous life, an optimum balance between spiritual and material aspirations and know how they can please themselves and people around them. Because of that, in all areas of their life, they expect from others to respect their authority. If, however, despite his qualities, they will go too far with their egoism and self-centeredness, will disrupt the development of their personality. Their karmic task consists of constantly listening to what others have to say to them, and, with open and unencumbered spirit, to learn from them and help them.

Since they possess the innate ability to distinguish good from bad, if they believe their instincts, they will not be at risk to "eat" anything false. Honesty, openness and simplicity will open every door they want. They must not detract weaker from themselves and evaluate life values only according to its own standards. They need to understand life in all its diversity and to accept as such.


Virgo (August 24 - 22.)


People born in this period is assigned karmic self-discipline, by which they acquire the ability of correct  pertain toward material values, work and learning. They consider that is their duty, in the name of higher goals, hold the reins on their feelings. With such procedures, which are incomprehensible to many people, they unconsciously isolate themselves from those people who seek warmer interpersonal relationships and from those that wrongly interpret their insecurity and fear of rapprochement,  as cold and hard-nosed unavailability. Therefore, the task of this character is to learn to care about others and to express affection and love, as the words and deeds. They must shun criticism and not give up in trying to understand other people's motives.

Although equally capable of giving as much as receiving, in everything they do they deal with thoughts about themselves and their situation, in general, and should make more effort to recognize their own feelings and more rely on them, avoiding the endless self-analysis that give birth to new suspicions of building confidence in themselves and their decisions.

Horoscope and karma: Scorpio possess enormous energy, Pisces have the great ability of intuitive thinking and acting

Libra (September 23-October 22)


Libras go to balance between spirit and matter, and it is hard, for them, to decide on any action. Mild and conciliatory, reluctant to engage in conflict, even at the expense of losing confidence in themselves. By turning back to the problems and by constantly seeking for an easier way, they generally do not achieve anything good, just a set number of new barriers in the way of building their own personality. Their karmic task consists of accepting the risk that changes in its static nature.

Only after they open to the challenge, risking his false stability, can expect higher life success. Sometimes they learn it only by falls, which are due to their excessive instability and sensitivity and ability to convince themselves that they are good and when they are not, and will, only after exhausting all other means, go to fight to prove his abilities. If they manage to get on the way of own inertia, lessons learned in this way in the future will prove useful. The key tasks of this sign are strengthening the courage and incentives and not reconciling with the existing situation...


Scorpio (October 23-November 22)


People born under the sign of Scorpio possess enormous energy, which, if not controlled enough, can become destructive. They must always have in mind that choice lies in themselves and is not imposed by the circumstances nor the opinion of the environment. Their hedonistic nature puts them at the center of all events, causing them to oppose it. Honesty and faith, never violent, these people must, first of all, learn how to be worthy of the lost and abandoned, in order to prepare for the responsibility that brings success.

Karmic task of this sign is to develop the logical thinking and to calm down the passions. Their motivation is equally associated with the desire to conquer spiritual heights, with the need to know, that impede their excessive enthusiasm and complacency. The insistence on resolving the conflict with the people who for various reasons are considered enemies or rivals instead that they eliminate or ignore - will most help their self-development.


Sagittarius (November 23-December 21)


People born under the sign of Sagittarius in the karmic sense, have reached the stage of maturation. They know that their place is in the world and are not burdened with the internal crises and conflicts. Since they have achieved a balance between spirit and matter, now they can possess material goods and enjoy the earthly success, provided that they remain open and generous. Sharing, solidarity, attention, and understanding, as well as assistance and protection of the weak, helpless and lost, should become their main mission in life.

The correct choice for them is building a wisdom throughout their lives, with no desire for revenge or condemnation. Expressed awareness of their own capabilities will best take advantage if used for common good, rather than to focus on meeting their needs. Since their appetites can easily become too big and grow into greed, their karmic task consists of the construction of inner peace and of avoidance of any form of selfishness and possessiveness. They must clearly and objectively select targets for their actions, not wasting energy where is not needed.


Capricorn (December 22-January 20)


People born under the sign of Capricorn are assigned a karmic ability to elevate a spirit over matter. They aim at achieving superior knowledge and in this, way often goes through various trials. During their lives, often are faced with a lack of understanding from other people, who are reluctant to accept their ideas or attitudes. Sensitive in the soul, do not adjust easily and will usually cover up with brutality their true feelings. When have to choose, they rather will opt for criticism than for understanding, and for revenge than forgiveness? They cannot give up the delicious taste of victory even at the cost that such pleasure will bring more harm than good.

They have to learn how not to be cynical and negative towards the people by trying to prove their intellectual superiority. Acknowledgments they receive are often well-deserved, but they, by receiving them, do not know how to show warmth and gratitude. On the other hand, their readiness for self-sacrifice and renunciation sometimes borders  with fanaticism. You must avoid isolation in silence and solitude and coercion to social contacts. They need to learn how to open and to have close relations with other people.


Aquarius (January 21-February 19)


People born under the sign of Aquarius are burdened with karmic difficulties in resolving conflicts with their past. Restrictive upbringing, morality and fear of authority hamper their free and unencumbered spirit, imposing on them too much sense and caution to dare to let him “fly." These people are often the victims of imposed compromise, fictitious obligation, and responsibility, which justifies the lack of courage to  create the life according to their own wishes. Their escape into extremes is due to the lack of awareness of choice.

They have to fight their inner ambivalence and  take responsibility for their actions. They are afraid of the reactions and criticism of  others and although generous and loving people, constantly live in fear that they will be betrayed and left, and prefer the illusory security than an open challenge. Their actions they justify with altruism and higher goals, although it actually works just the fear of the consequences of its own operations. They must accept the risks if want to complete the task.


Pisces (February 20-March 20)

Although to the sign of Pisces is karmic assigned great ability of intuitive thinking and acting. The members of this sign are often confused with reactions and pressures of other people and have related desire to give a comfort to everyone; humoring demands and expectations that are not in their interest. If they make a mistake, they will stoically lethargic a fictional punishment that is self-imposed, considering the repayment of debt, rather than change it into their benefit. Whatever they do. Pisces should rely on their own instincts and do not pay too much attention to the reason or to pander to the opinion of others about what is good for them.

Because their feelings are usually true, all they have to do is to align their actions with their emotions. And do not have to fight, it is enough to be honest and to let them go. Something to look for means to receive  and to provide. Their karmic task consists of avoidance of the powers and to seek their own way, without pandering to the demands of others.

They must resolutely eliminate all situations in which they are forced to do something that does not suit them.