LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR JANUARY 2017: Fireworks of emotions with Virgo, Aries will have relationships put on a test, Pisces burn with passion

January 2017 is a dynamic month during which you can expect the unexpected. In fact, this could be a month full of surprises and dynamics, and behind all this is the T- square formed by Uranus (in Aries), Jupiter (in Libra) and Pluto (in Capricorn).

This T- square brings a lot of energy due to the passage of the Sun through the sign of Capricorn (until January 19), the passage of Mars through the sign of Aries (from January 28) and passage of Mercury through the sign of Capricorn where it ends its retrograde walk.


January 2017 is the beginning of a new cycle that will put your relationships on a test. Venus, the planet of love and ruler of the house of pairs of Aries, enters the sign of Pisces on January 3, 2017. That’s when it starts its retrograde walk during which it moves between Pisces and Aries, until June 6, and it has the strongest influence between April 4 and 15. In that period, Venus brings unexpected feelings and questions, it makes you face the needs, desires or frustrations, that you haven't admitted even to yourself until now, it brings out to the surface old or suppressed problems that haven't been solved. During January you could enter a secret affair, or make certain realization easy. Events in the upcoming months start here.


Between January 3 and 28, Mars, ruler of the house of pairs of Taurus, is in the company of Venus, the planet of love and good understanding. Furthermore, Mars and Venus are in a good house that brings hope and realization of plans in the future, adapting to society and entertainment. Under such influence, January is a lucky month that fulfills your expectations and brings events that will make you happy. But there is a catch: you could get too excited and occupy yourself with something that is not worth your attention, or you could, after careful analysis, understand that it is not what you thought it was. Be rational and you won't have to face disappointments. February and March won't be as generous as January.


During January 2017, your love life will be balanced enough to show each other attention, love and to enjoy harmonious relationship. This is made possible by Saturn, located in the house of pairs of Gemini, in cooperation with Jupiter, ruler of the house of pairs located in the house of love of Gemini. Love relationships and social relations are intertwined with feelings, passion and romance. Venus passes over the highest point of your solar chart, which means that your love life is connected, in some way, with career or your love life may be associated with the public. It can also be common ambitious goals that you want to achieve or you may be attracted to people in high positions.


In January the most important events are related to relationships with others. Sun passes through the house of pairs of Cancer in the first two decades of January and forms a conjunction with Pluto. That brings intense emotions, mental agitation, demanding attitudes, attempts to control or change situations. Retrograde Mercury wants a solution and wants to clarify a complex process which started in November, but is now looking for deeper roots. Mercury moves into the house of relationships of Cancer and house of work and obligations of Cancer (January 4), and then returns again (January 12). Mercury begins direct walk on January 8. This is a crucial period for restrictive or difficult situations that have been present since 2015, when Saturn, the ruler of the house of relationships, entered your house of work and obligations.

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Love situation will be quite good in January 2017, until October 2017. Ruler of the house of pairs of Leo is in a lucky house and in good relations with the ruler of that house. However, there will be a minor disharmony. In the second part of January 2017, the period in which you were facing various problems related to career or money ends. It may concern business or investment you started for your loved one. January is a very interesting month for strengthening of your relationship, exploring sexuality or better understanding of a loved one.

LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR JANUARY 2017: Fireworks of emotions with Virgo, Aries will have relationships put on a test, Pisces burn with passion


January will be like fireworks. In the house of pairs of Virgo there is conjunction Venus - Mars, the most passionate and the most sensual possible conjunction. It is the conjunction that puts your loved one in the center of your world and affects all the decisions that you will make and all the actions that you will take. And as if all that is not enough, Sun passes through the house of love and sexuality of Virgo, while Mercury, the ruler of Virgo passes through the same area! January is very romantic month and it's under the charge, it will easily create romantic circumstances which are truly special and will be remembered for long. But passion and subjectivity of Virgo are now extremely powerful and it is possible that there will be various complications.


It seems to you that January 2017 does not bring relief. Mars, the ruler of the house of pairs of Libra, and Venus, the planet of love, are not in good position, in your solar 6th house, the house of work and obligations. Your freedom is limited, choices are imposed and you must do what you have to, not what you want. And this is just the beginning of a long period during which there will be worries, obligations and restrictions involved in your love life. Despite everything, there's a good side and that is sharing obligations with a loved one or someone with whom you work.


With Venus and Mars in the house of love of Scorpio, January 2017 brings you a lot of romance and strong emotions. Venus is the planet of love and ruler of the house of pairs of Scorpio, while Mars is the planet of conquests and passion. With this influence, we are talking about pure passion and strong instinctive attraction that moves you. January is the month of love for you out of love, not the one socially recognized based on a signed paper, formally or morally. Expect that you will fall in love, that you'll feel sensation at the physical level that you haven't experienced before! Those who are in a relationship or marriage for a long time, will now restore passion and strengthen the ties that connect them.


January 2017 brings you clarification or making decisions related to your love life and it is very easily possible that this has to do with finances. Starting in November 2016, Mercury, the ruler of the house of pairs of Sagittarius, continues its walk between Sagittarius and Sagittarius' house of money. In the first part of January 2017, Mercury continues its direct walk and travels between two sectors for the last time, and in the second part of the month forms a conjunction with Pluto, also in your house of money. Venus, the planet of unity and love is in the 4th house of Sagittarius and therefore there is a possibility that some legal issues or questions related to the ownership are connected to love situation. Anyway, it seems that the beginning of 2017 is not too romantic for the Sagittarius, the interest of couples is directed towards practical issues.

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Due to the conjunction of Venus, ruler of the house of love of Capricorn, and Mars, January has the potential for love. But your choice is going through the filter of thoughts, you will be attracted to people who have the same interests or preferences and who think like you. Words, written or spoken have a seductive accent and could trigger a flood of passion. Love will inspire you; you will feel exhilaration and it will push you towards creating or learning. Trips that you will take in January will be accompanied by romantic landscapes, from short walks to a few-day-trips. Full Moon which is formed in the house of pairs of Capricorn can bring agreement or a significant event for your love relationship.


In the first decade of January 2017, there will be no special events. Sun, the ruler of the house pairs of Aquarius is in dark field that limits the action and choices and can bring disappointment or feeling of isolation. Relationship with a partner might be capricious, because of Mercury, the ruler of the house of passion, is retrograde. But the last decade of January 2017 has a completely different note. Sun enters Aquarius, and it brings vitality, self-confidence, and it positively affects relationships. It is highly likely that harmonious relationship will be achieved. Above all, couples will be occupied with practical and financial issues.


During January 2017 passion takes over. Venus and Mars are in Pisces, Venus, planet of love, and Mars, the planet of passion. When these two meet, the air becomes hot, attraction is irresistible, love dictates and everything else is not as important. And now Mars and Venus meet in Pisces! Everything is fine, but the ruler of the house of pairs of Pisces, Mercury, is somewhat hesitant, awkward and therefore it can create all sorts of confusion, mixed feelings, misunderstandings and inconsistencies. It is possible that you burn with passion, and that the other side has other interests or priorities. Don't be disturbed, be rational and think about what is really happening, and not what you'd like to see.

LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR JANUARY 2017: Fireworks of emotions with Virgo, Aries will have relationships put on a test, Pisces burn with passion