Zodiac signs and problems in life: To Sagittarius and Leo, depression is a completely strange thing...

... while Pisces, Cancer, and Capricorn often surrender to be melancholy.

Most vulnerable to black thoughts are members of winter Capricorn, ruled by dark and strict Saturn that, together with the other ruler Uranus, the planet of sudden decisions, helps them to overcome difficulties and problems.


You are active, combative and full of energy, so often you are on the verge of exhaustion. In the absence of the expected success, you feel empty, and you can be susceptible to depressed moods. You need moments of silence where you can forget about everyday life. Behind your too busy schedule, hides a gentle soul, so feel free to let emotions without fear that your near ones will consider you as weak.



Your inner peace primarily depends on the behavior of your partner and family. When bad days come, you are looking for security, but that does not mean that you should let your happiness to be dependent on others. When you are sad and prone to black thoughts, the best way to establish an internal balance is in touch with nature. Take a walk, breathe the smell of grass, trees, flowers, enjoy watching the birds and animals, and you'll feel better.



You are in constant search of your own happiness, but most often the happens that you've just passed by. When you realize that you are left empty-handed, disappointment overtakes you, then no one can reassure you that your efforts were in vain. In such moments, you should start to do something completely new. Pay more attention to someone who you can help, a perhaps helpless animal in need of your attention.



Because of your need to worry about others and to solve their problems, you suppress your own desires and needs. You are depressed because you cannot help everyone in your environment. Explain to yourself, to your partner and children, that you have your own life, and that you need an hour or a day just for yourself. Do not repress everything deep in yourself, feel free to complain to someone you trust, a partner, a friend, sister.



You're used to shine and shine. You're always in the spotlight, and you expect everyone to take care of you. If that does not work, do not blame your partners, colleagues, destiny. Business success can help to overcome difficult situations, but yet it is only a substitute for true happiness. You need a partner who will love you just as you are. Play some sports, do some recreation,  enjoy the sun, that is your life elixir.



You are objective, realistic, wise and practical. Many of them think that you easily receive life's blows as you do not allow to be overwhelmed by feelings. However, you can "sink," perhaps because you miss that necessary peace of mind due to which you will allow yourself some mistakes. No one is perfect, not even you. In moments of depression, profound reflections and talk are not helpful, just do some gardening or physically exhausting work.

Zodiac signs and problems in life: To Sagittarius and Leo, depression is a completely strange thing...



Your enduring desire for harmony contrasts with the struggles that life brings, self-affirmation and conflict of opinions. Representatives of your peaceful character generally avoid conflicts, but can be overwhelmed by resignation and a sense of being misunderstood. However, you are not even aware that it is all your faults.  Because of this, you have to tell loud and clear what is on your mind, because that is the only way to feel better. Music is the cure for your soul.



You know how to deal with depression because this dark side of life you "incorporated" into yourself. You secretly enjoy in this part of your character, and sometimes melancholy is just irresistibly attractive to you. You unconsciously drag people around you into this murky depth, from which you know how to cope, but they don’t. Therefore, do not judge those who are not like you. From the seemingly hopeless situation, you defend yourself with the sense of humor.



You are known as the eternal optimist, but you miss a gift for overcoming severe moods and hopeless situation. When you are in danger or business failure, you can be distrustful to everyone, even to yourself. Do not let  to be beaten by a bad mood, restore your faith in yourself. Do not expect that material gains will make you happy, there is something much more valuable, an inner satisfaction.



You see everything as black. You are especially suspicious of happiness. For some reasons that only you know, you are convinced that you can feel bad things before they come, and you can’t easily get rid of dark thoughts. However, when you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation, you are stronger than others. Try to be more relaxed, mingle with friends, adopt a dog or a cat. Since you cannot change others, accept them as they are.



Your ruler Uranus constantly pushes you forward and constantly encourages to change something in your life, even to turn it upside down, if needed. Your life engine is constantly in use, and that's why you will faster fall apart. If this came, you will be exhausted and unhappy, only one step away from depression, and despondency. You need long moments of relaxation in which you will be able to completely turn off, but you have to avoid total solitude.



You are ruled by emotions, and that’s why sympathies and antipathies toward people in your vicinity have the most influence on your decisions. However, that’s how you make life difficult for yourself. When you are burdened by negative feelings, mostly affected by injustice, it is the hardest time for you to forgive and forget. Try to consciously forgive those who have done something "unforgivable," until you convince yourself that you don’t have hard feelings toward anybody, not even an enemy.