Horoscope and marriage: Aries have difficulty accepting the idea of marriage, Pisces love romantic marriage

Some should be given the initiative, and some need to be pushed. Check out what your man thinks about marriage, depending on the Zodiac sign he was born in. 


If you fall in love with Aries, be aware that this is an indivudual that may have difficulty accepting the idea of marriage. However, there is a trick that you can use to convince him that walking down the aisle is the right thing to do. Tell him how you imagine a life together as a continuous adventure for two, full of dynamics and various events. Specify all the stunts that you plan to do on a regular basis, for example, every spring you'll go rafting, and if you get bored with that, come up with a backup plan for night parachute jumping. In case you succeed, be prepared to do all that. Otherwise, your Aries will be disappointed.


In order to get Taurus to tie the knot, you'll have to show him your bank account. If you don't have at least five or six zeros after the first digit, he won't even look at you, even if he is sincerely in love with you. He would rather suffer all his life than live frugally. Introduce yourself to him as a prospective entrepreneur with great financial future, he might even invest some money in your business. But only if it all sounds like a sure thing.


With Gemini it's important just to talk, talk ... It doesn't matter what, just make it sound good. When they realize that you are the person with whom they can have unlimited long conversations, they'll accept to go down the aisle, but you should know that marriage won't be easy. These are the situations where one spouse is saying for the other that he or she never shuts up, so eventually, they run for the solitude of silence. But, if you like to talk, then this will be an ideal combination.



With Cancer it is more likely that he will try to talk you into getting married. And if he does that, don't hesitate because due to his innate instability he could easily change his mind or withdraw into himself. Encourage his idea with a story about big home and a big family, that you can't wait. Also praise his mother - whatever you think about her, tell him you like her.


If you want to lead your Leo to the altar, there are two approaches. One is when you simply wait for the same idea to come to him, let him propose in a magnificent way, which is typical of him, most probably in front of the audience (these are proposals over the large video screens on stadiums). If you don't feel like waiting, then you have the other way - be maximally humble and talk to him about little children in a cute way. At the same time you must put him in charge during the conversation. So, you initiate the subject, but leave the realization to the other side.

Horoscope and marriage: Aries have difficulty accepting the idea of marriage, Pisces love romantic marriage


It is perhaps most difficult to give advice to Virgo. This sign is the master in the ability to complicate life for himself and others, including the possibility of getting married. If you suggest him marriage, it might be a good thing to explain first that the little things are, and also are not, that important. Also, you should give him enough time to analyze all the possible things before possibly accepting the idea of marriage. His analysis will ruin the charm of spontaneity, so it is better to know it in advance.


Libras are most prone to live in two and are always looking for someone. If you encounter a Libra, it won't take you long before you persuade them to get married. More accurately, your partner will probably start a story about getting married first, and it will only be left to you to accept. Man Libra will most probably propose in a sophisticated way, but he will be very persistent, until you say Yes.


When it comes to Scorpio, you can always play the card of passion. If everything is fine in bed, there will be no problem with going to the altar, but know that if you're married to a member of this sign, there's no fooling around- their jealousy is always active. Maybe it's latent, but don't think that it's not there.



If you are with a Sagittarius, going down the aisle could turn out to be mission impossible. It would be best to replace the word marriage with words 'free community of two free citizens', 'traveling duo' or something similar. In any case, you'll need a clever pseudonym for marriage. Talk to him about freedom as of the main guideline for life in two and horizons that you will discover when you get down to it. That way you might succeed.


With Capricorn you won't have any major problems. It is best to suggest that you are already planning to get an apartment together, in which there is a big study room, so that he could go on to work after he comes home. You will certainly win him over with that. If he hasn't reached the success that he planned in his career yet, it is possible that he will suggest postponing getting married. In that case, make it clear that your main task will be to support him in his promotion and that it is sacred to you. He'll accept, you'll see.


You need to approach Aquarius friendly and without any pressure. Talk about marriage as of the life of two best friends, who understand each other well above anything else. Even if one of them wants to try something new and unusual, the other one will tolerate it. Clearly, it works in both ways. And here it is a good idea to present marriage by chosen terms such as 'open community of modern ideas', 'a traveling company of two people in love' or a similar hippie term.


If your chosen one was born in the sign of Pisces, tell him straight away everything you know about the most romantic couples. Whatever idea you use to present him the marriage, it will work. He'll go for all the options, even utopian ones. If you want this marriage to really work, you are the party that should be critical and realistic - this is what Pisces neglect. Life in a  dream world is the most normal thing for them. So, mention that in real life together you should be paying bills, taking care of diapers when you get kids ... so that your Pisces doesn't become disappointed later.