Zodiac signs characteristic: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have weak nerves

Each horoscope sign has both good and bad qualities, virtues and flaws. Some have weak nerves and can’t count to 10. Which signs don’t know how to control themselves, which are the most aggressive of all?


Aries is definitely the most aggressive of all the horoscope signs because his ruler is Mars, God of war. He doesn’t give into convincing. He often can’t control himself, has a bad temper, can’t calm down, and to be calm he needs something more, even some non-violent communication classes. Aries will first take care of himself and will always think in this direction, to make himself feel good.  It’s hard for him to make agreements and he won’t admit his mistake easily. 

HOROSCOPE: 3 biggest aggressive and brawlers of Zodiac, they will start a fight only to prove they're right


Don't mess with the Leo. While you observe this animal, you can conclude that it is not that aggressive when no one bothers it, which means they won’t argue without a reason. Leo in most cases doesn’t care about what is happening around him, as long as he is on the throne, the king of the jungle. However, if someone tries to disrupt him or removes him from the throne, they will find themselves in the clutches out of which they won’t be able to escape. Leos don’t  interfere in quarrels and generally don’t  like them, but they are very vindictive and nasty when someone calls them out or provokes them. You can’t even imagine what he could you do to you if you get in his way.



Sagittarius shoots a target and doesn’t like to miss his goal if anyone tries to stop him, he will become very aggressive. Sagittarius thinks very highly of himself and often doesn’t compromise, and he can’t count to 10 when someone annoys him. Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means that he has a strong temperament, passion, but he can’t be tactical. If you throw him out of rhythm, he will channel his negative energy towards you. 


HOROSCOPE: 3 biggest aggressive and brawlers of Zodiac, they will start a fight only to prove they're right