HOROSCOPE: Retrograde Mars until June 30 – this is not time for new beginnings but to recapitulate the past

Mars, the planet of passion, courage, fight and action are moving backward until June 30. Mars is the only one who has it in its nature to go back and in general to look back, so that brings us a lot of confusion...

Where do we go back and why? 

Mars symbolizes energy and describes the potential of our energy; how much we have, where do we spend it and how, what are the motives of our struggles. Each Mars must have a goal toward which it rushes, so its natural way of movement is direct so this period of the retrograde walk is hard for him. It is not in his nature to go back and look behind. Mars is the planet of passion, courage, enthusiasm, excitement, fighting, action, conquest.

In the period of retrograde  Mars confusion will appear, especially when it comes to direction of movement, determination, actions that should be done, initiatives that should (not) be taken and similar. For who or what we are fighting, where do we go back and why, is there any point in all that fight, invested energy?

Old battle field is opening

Every action has to have faith in the background, or it’s not going to happen, each our goal must serve only noble and good, only then it makes sense. So, each of us is driven by his ideals, beliefs and above all, sense of justice when we start leveling scores.


We go back to the old battlefield, the old feeling of anger rises easily, of intolerance, bitterness, anger, injury, and all this, of course, can be followed by high tension, quarrels and even physical threats. What should be the goal is to deal exactly with that repressed destructive energy; we need to ask ourselves why we are angry and why do we again inappropriately (violently, harshly) react. Things should be improved now, both psychologically and physically. 

HOROSCOPE: Retrograde Mars until June 30 – this is not time for new beginnings but to recapitulate the past

Get to work!

Also, it is wise to devote to work, no matter how much you may lack Mars’ enthusiasm and inspiration. Dedicate yourself to all delayed and unfinished business, be active, develop healthy habits. The more you work and constructively spend your energy, the less room there will be for ugly (psychological) scenarios that Mars may bring. True, we’ll need a little more will than usual, but things are the way they are.

So get to work, but still be careful and maximally cautious, especially not to overestimate your abilities. Evaluate the ratio of time and power well for actions that you intend to take. Since the movement of Mars is retrograde, this is not exactly the best time for important beginnings, but we should deal more with recapitulation.

Mars is prone to injuries, inflammations, burns, scars and breaks, so you need to be as cautious as possible in this period. Because of those who are careless and hasty, doctors will have their hands full. Also, various handymen and mechanics can get more work because of them, so call them if there is the slightest doubt in your knowledge and ability, because now is not the time to repair things in the house yourselves. 

Order in companies

Mars will act retrograde in the direction of law, morality, religion, education, culture, tourism, sports and church. Therefore, those who work in these areas or have anything to do with them may feel stronger the operation of retrograde Mars; from personal struggles and going back to unfinished battles to making an order in companies, and also inspections, unpaid unfinished work, returning to old jobs, tasks, projects and similar.


Those who have planets in the first decade of Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo will feel this aspect the most, depending on the planets that Mars makes an aspect within the natal chart, as well as other factors.

Until the end of May, Mars will be in the sign of Sagittarius, and from the end of May until beginning of August in Scorpio, so then we will be in war, fighting our demons, negativism, destruction that goes from strong passion with enthusiasm, bravely face the fear of meaninglessness, hopelessness, evil, endings, death and try so hard to overcome our doubts, problems, crises, brakes, weights.


HOROSCOPE: Retrograde Mars until June 30 – this is not time for new beginnings but to recapitulate the past