Indian horoscope: The oldest secrets come from Indians, they looked at the stars like they look in the eyes

What are you in Indian horoscope, is your heart cheerful or you are the God of humor?

Indian astrology is significantly different from the western. Find the quality that defines you.​

Mesha (Capricorn, April 15 – May 15)​

AMBITION - Strong mental power helps you to achieve what you imagined successfully, you are ambitious and never give up. A pronounced sense of initiative pushes you among the leaders, but you are attracted to shine and fall for the latest trends.​

Vrishabha (Taurus, May 16 - June 16)​

BIG HEART - This is the sign of communicative and artistic expression in public. You don’t like negligence and superficiality. Your closest ones are the most important to you, but you are cautious in contact with others and don’t like too much closeness until you start trusting them. You are full of love, you have a big heart, and you crave for romance. You are one of the most loyal partners.​

Mithuna (Alliance, June 17 - July 16)​

HUMOR - You represent a sign that can question everything, everyone has to adapt to your opposites. Your mind works quickly, and your adaptation skills are endless. Your strongest quality is humor, and most often you use it when you want to seduce someone.


Kataka (Cancer, July 17 – August 17)

SENSITIVITY - This sign is ruled by the Moon, which makes it sensitive and mysterious. You are tied to your roots and your family is the most important, and you choose your friends carefully. You are afraid of being left, especially by your partner. You are intuitive in love.​

Simha (Leo, August 18 – September 17)​

RIGIDNESS - You love luxury and pleasures. You are rigid and abrupt with others but also devoted. For you, money is the core of the fight and you don’t give up until you win. You are proud and can’t stand indifference; you won’t stop until you win the person you love. You are charming, but not faithful.

Indian horoscope: The oldest secrets come from Indians, they looked at the stars like they look in the eyes

Kanya (Virgo, September 18 - October 17)

FOLLOW YOUR MISSION - You are very strict and organized. You are always punctual and follow your set mission. You are very sensitive and can’t stand infidelity. You think that living together should be crowned with a marriage based on loyalty.

Tula (Libra, October 18 – November 16)

DEVOTION - You are very sociable, always surrounded by friends. This sign is a symbol of attachment, so you hate breakups, whatever they may be like. You are very human and you can’t see traps that can be set by those who are looking for just a few pleasant moments in your company.

Vrischika (Scorpio, November 17 – December 16)

WATER CURRENT - Your sign is ruled by the God Shiva who destroys in order to build better. Like water currents, you are constantly on the move, but nobody knows the depth of your soul. You seem arrogant, but you are actually very humble.

Dhanus (Sagittarius, December 17 – January 14)

OPTIMISM - You are optimistic and full of children's enthusiasm, you feel that you are destined for the best. As good as this is for you, it is often hard for people around you. When it comes to money, you can’t stop entering risks. In love, you want to be admired; you are interested in different people.

Makara (Crocodile, January 15 – February 13)

SYMBOL OF EFFORT – You leave nothing to the case, but you always go through a difficult phase before you achieve your goals. You early mature, when you grow up you will relax a little, but only when you are financially secured with a big bank account. In love, you are determined, even too strict.


Kumbha (Amphora, February 14 - March 14)

FREEDOM - You respect your own, but also others' freedom, so you expect other people to behave like that as well. In reality you are a conservative person. You have created a circle of friends around you that save you from danger. You are curious. You are shy in love.

Mina (Pisces, March 15 – April 14)

RESTRAINT - Your creative talent needs to be expressed. Behind the apparent restraint there is pride, and even if you don’t dare to approach others, you somehow manage to make them come to you. Love ‘feeds’ you, so if you find a partner who will encourage you, you will use all your advantages to succeed in life.