Horoscope and drinking: Leo and Virgo rarely drink, Capricorn drinks because it’s good for health

Cancer comes first. Leo and Virgo rarely drink, Capricorn drinks because it’s good for health...

ARIES: Aries can drink a lot and immediately draws attention with his loud laughter and jokes, they are full of energy and tease everyone. As time passes, he becomes slower and slower, he drinks less and less, and if he doesn’t leave on time, he will fall asleep at the table.


TAURUS: Taurus drinks slowly and easily become more and more relaxed. He starts laughing louder, both at himself and at others. Soon he becomes clumsy, drops things, wich entertains him even more and makes him laugh.On his way out he counts the stairs and checks the ground before each step.


GEMINI: Gemini are always witty and the more they drink, the more fun they get. They easily lose it, repeat same stories several times, greet the same person like a thousand times, but even then they make jokes and pretend to be clumsy and drunker than they really are.


CANCER: Cancer is known for being able to drink a lot. He is definitely in the first place in the whole horoscope. As long as he has company, he is quite happy, but when everyone goes home, he continues to drink alone, grieving for those who left.


LEO: Leo is rarely drunk. First of all -he poorly tolerates alcohol, and second – he always wants to leave a good impression. This does not allow him to relax too much. When he drinks, he becomes quite soft and sleepy after just one cup.

HOROSCOPE - Who can drink the most?

VIRGO: Virgo rarely drinks and doesn’t like to relax too much. There is always something to be done, instead of waste time in nonsense. Even when they drink, they do not get really drunk because they do not like to look funny in public.


LIBRA: This is a social sign which always acts according to the rules of society. If they drink a little, he will drink a little. If they drink more, he will follow that rhythm. He will hug and kiss everyone around, trying to maintain balance and not fall.


SCORPIO: Scorpios can be attractive when they drink. This sign always tends to keep control and being drunk is a rare moment when they are completely relaxed. Then they are more seductive and fatal than usual.


SAGITTARIUS: Loud Sagittarius is even louder when he drinks. This sign will do everything for good party, even what as sober he says he wouldn’t. The magic of adventure immediately wakes up, and he is simply unstoppable in coming up with things that raise adrenaline.


CAPRICORN: Capricorn will always drink a cup, it’s good for health. He follows the wisdom of his ancestors. He can drink a lot if you tease him because he belongs to the signs that best tolerate alcohol, and it really takes a lot of alcohol to fall from his feet.


AQUARIUS: Aquarius like alcohol because it relaxes them and they can drink a lot. Silly and with lots of silly ideas, they become even more crazy and fun.


PISCES: Pisces usually become tongue-tied and immediately start to trample. Usually, some memory problems occur, too, because it is difficult in moments of drunkenness to remember what they did the previous day.