Which Disney princess are you according to the horoscope?

Are you Cinderella or Ariel? Here's what astrology says... no girl hasn't identified with some of Disney princesses when she was little.

Even though they were born 'once upon a time', each of them has characteristics of the certain zodiac sign. Who do you resemble the most?

Aries – Jasmin

Aries can be extremely friendly and helpful and firmly support what they believe. That is exactly how Jasmine passionately opposed the idea to be treated as a reward that should be conquered. In addition to that, as a classic distrustful Aries, it didn’t take long for Jasmine to conclude that Aladdin is not a prince.

Taurus – Cinderella

As a true Taurus, Cinderella stoically accepts her role and doesn’t complain – she is disciplined in performing all duties and does not say a word. Taurus is compassionate, trustworthy and someone who you can always rely on. All these features Cinderella also possesses.

Gemini – Anastasia

Gemini is famous for their conflicting desires. Anastasia as a true Gemini can’t seem to decide whether she wants to find her grandmother or not. Her love story with Dimitri is everything that a Gemini loves: full of danger and excitement.


Cancer– Tiana

Tiana is a real Cancer – stubborn heroine who is committed and focuses on things. Despite her sensitive and gentle nature, she doesn't let emotions stand in her way and successfully copes with problems.

Leo – Meg

Leo loves to dominate and if the situation is opposite he is very bored. Meg, as a true Leo, has no problem to tell Hercules openly how things are. She loves Hercules with all her heart and makes sincere efforts as any Leo would do in romantic situations. 

Which Disney princess are you according to the horoscope?

Virgo – Sleeping Beauty

Virgo always strives not to rock the boat on which she is standing. She's very quiet, and that is why Aurora is a typical representative of this sign. She likes everything to be in its place. Remember how she reacted when the prince woke her up?

Libra – Rapunzel

Libra is often restless spirit and is the happiest when surrounded by people. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Rapunzel, imprisoned in the Tower, was so depressed. In the manner of true Libra she persistently plotted an escape from the tower.

Scorpio – Ariel

Scorpio can't stand restrictions, and everything that Ariel wanted was to get rid of her mermaid tail and become a human being. In order to achieve her goal, she will do anything, even sign the deal with the devil, the sea witch Ursula.

Sagittarius – Pocahontas

Considering the fact that Sagittarius is famous for his love for animals, it's no wonder that Pocahontas is representative of this sign. People born under this sign are well known for their communication skills, which Indian princess perfectly shows.


Capricorn– Jane

Capricorn is intelligent, determined and ambitious. Jane from Disney film 'Tarzan' has all these characteristics. Jane, together with her father follows her passion and goes to African jungle. She didn't fear the unknown, but she sincerely embraced the new world. 

Aquarius – Snow White

Aquarians are great humanitarians and easily accept every kind of people. Snow White goes to the house of seven dwarfs and cleans it without knowing who lives in it. The appearance of tiny people did not scare her and in general she wasn’t interested in what others think about them because they are different.

Pisces – Belle

Belle is the daughter of an inventor, and she herself is creative and introverted. She is stubborn, but as a true Pisces remains cool in stressful situations. She is not impressed by the wealth; she follows her way and when she sets her mind on something, no one can stop her. 


Which Disney princess are you according to the horoscope?