Incompatible horoscope signs who feel love and hate in the same time: Pisces and Gemini can be an ideal couple, Taurus and Aries are combination of love and passion

Can incompatible horoscope signs experience love and be happy with each other?

Love is never simple, except that some people stay away from people for whom it is clear that they would not suit them, while others are incredibly attracted by the fact that they are two opposites. Great rises and falls of the emotional relationship that raise adrenaline is what motivates them to stay with such people, because if things are not complicated, then they are no longer interested. In relationships of the signs that don't match in the horoscope, one needs to invest much more work and effort but when they get to the goal, happiness is indescribable.

Cancer - Gemini

In order to survive, Cancer needs to stop being conservative when it comes to love, marriage and family, and not to promote his vulnerability. On the other hand, Gemini must restrain its vivid nature, not to act as if in puberty and finally realize what is it they want from life.


Cancer - Libra

For two of them, it is necessary to respect each other and understand that they are equal in a relationship and not to argue who's in charge. The Good thing is that they will never keep from each other what is bothering them, but will try to find a solution for every difficulty together.

Cancer - Aquarius

When Aquarius finally tries to understand Cancer's patriarchal and rigid principles of life, as well as the lack of desire for big changes, and he realizes that she really cares, even though it seems as if they don't care which of the two of them will be on the right track.

Incompatible horoscope signs who feel love and hate in the same time: Pisces and Gemini can be an ideal couple, Taurus and Aries are combination of love and passion

Scorpio - Gemini

In order to succeed, Gemini needs to take it easy with flirting, because otherwise, Scorpio will go mad with jealousy. On the other hand, Scorpio needs to realize that Gemini loves them, even though they don't spend 24 hours a day as they may want.

Scorpio - Libra

Scorpio needs to control its passionate nature and need for dramatization because Libra will try to avoid fight any way she can so it could scare her. Also, Libra needs to understand that her casual flirting with other people can cause an eruption of jealousy with Scorpio.

Scorpio - Aquarius

They are both strong personalities and when they finally overcome differences and suppress stubbornness, they will start working together which will give a great result. First of all, they are each other's best friends and they understand each other perfectly, and then passionate lovers.

Pisces - Gemini

They can be an ideal couple if they don't attempt to stifle the child inside one another. Gemini needs to understand that he needs to focus more on his partner, while Pisces should not smother with her concern and wishes as this will scare Gemini's vivid and somewhat wild nature.

Pisces - Libra

Extremely romantic combination that is based on mutual respect. Even when they encounter major problems, they will both do whatever is in their power to save what they have created together.

Pisces - Aquarius

The two of them manage to overcome all their differences thanks to tolerance and sincere desire to listen and advise each other. Romantic Pisces will do everything to melt the ice from Aquarius' heart and to teach her that the open display of emotions is quite a normal thing.

Taurus - Aries

A true combination of love and passion, where Taurus should not exaggerate with his laziness because it's killing Aries, who is energetic by nature. However, Aries have to give Taurus enough romance and sometimes needs to slow down because it's not all about quick action.

Taurus - Leo

Maybe their attitudes will go different ways about many things but as long as they trust each other, that's ok. They need to learn to communicate openly, without trying to control each other. When they realize that, they will be unstoppable in reaching their happiness.

Taurus - Sagittarius

When Sagittarius realizes how necessary stability and durability are to a Taurus, and Taurus doesn't try to suppress Sagittarius' adventurism, everything will be fine. When they reach the most necessary compromises they are ready to enjoy their love on all levels.


Virgo - Aries

Aries reveal all the beauty and advantages of living together with a Virgo, who is extremely loyal and willing to listen. However, she needs to be a little less tactician and not be too much of a hairsplitter, and he needs to keep his frivolity and impulsiveness to a minimum so that they can last.

Virgo - Leo

They find security and trust in each other . He is her protector and she praises him wherever she goes. However, Leo needs to give up being theatrical because she can't  stand it, while Virgo should not fall into depression every time things in their relationship go downhill.

Virgo - Sagittarius

This pair is open to compromises and changes because they are aware that that's the only way their love can survive. That's why he shouldn't encourage his hazardous nature because Virgo necessarily needs stability while she must accept his somewhat frivolous approach to life, relax and at least for a short while try looking at life with his eyes.

Capricorn - Aries

These two horn signs shouldn't see each other as rivals, but work together for the common good. However, Capricorn can break Aries and his hyperactive spirit with his mental strength. When they use their different energies for a positive purpose, they achieve magnificent results.

Capricorn – Leo

Capricorn initiates changes in a love relationship and Leo is there to support him in that. However, he should understand that he sometimes needs to reduce his social life to a reasonable level because Capricorn needs them to spend more time alone. Leo is certainly satisfied that he is so essential to Capricorn.

Capricorn - Sagittarius

Between these two there is a strong physical attraction that eventually turns into true love. Friendship and dedication to each other are what keeps them together. However, Sagittarius must give enough space to Capricorn, who is a big careerist and passionate about his work, while Capricorn needs to accept that Sagittarius has many interests that don't include him. That doesn't mean he doesn't love Capricorn, but that he would like to have time to himself.