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There are some mistakes that are associated with the majority of members of the female gender and that are responsible for a large percentage of causes of disputes, and these four turned out to be the most common in almost all women.

With love as the most sublime feeling we know, it seems we can win all our battles. However, it is precisely loved relationship with a partner that gives us the reason to doubt the truth of these claims.

Quarrels and break-ups, disagreements and misunderstandings, these are all common things that sooner or later appear in most relationships, and when they do, the real test for partners is coming where all the faces of their character and their willingness to deal with themselves come to the fore. The solution can only be reached with mutual understanding and tolerance, but there are a couple of most frequent mistakes that are associated with the majority of members of the female gender and that are responsible for a large percentage of the causes of dispute.

1.They often give 'lectures'

One of the common mistakes that women make in relationships is often initiating discussions. In doing this, the tendency to give 'lectures' comes to the fore, on how and why something should be done, and very often these are completely irrelevant things that they keep noticing day after day, and give them undeserved attention.


2. There is a fine line between being too busy and available

Another mistake that women make concerns their level of availability and accessibility, and as a result, their projection of themselves. When a woman is always available to her partner, regardless of his behavior, she will lose significance in both her own eyes and in the eyes of her partner.

When a woman places herself as a leader and finds herself in the role of mother, she can lose her sexual attractiveness in the eyes of men. The woman is a combination of both elements that together should make a harmonious and flexible relationship, and when she learns to understand her feelings, she'll realize that the quality of the relationship primarily takes a quality relationship with yourself. For the feeling of happiness and taking care of her own needs, a woman should be responsible on her own, just like anyone of us.

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3. They don't recognize the feeling of happiness

Great responsibility for this mistake hides with parents who didn't teach their daughters from an early age the definition and recognizing the sense of happiness, so that later in life they learn not to blame others for the lack of happiness in life.

They find happiness in other people, most often partners, and for each lack of happiness in their life they blame their partners and therefore relationship with that person suffers. One of the main tasks of parents should be to learn their children feel and define happiness, which is why they will have it much easier in life as adults too.


4. They don't recognize their beauty

Insecurity about their own appearance is famous and familiar even to women ranked as the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world. It is based on fear of failing to comply with the expectations of the society or a partner and due to constant comparisons with other women or with their younger version.

Permanent dissatisfaction with yourself can sometimes seriously affect the mood and desires of women, and therefore the relationship with her partner.

When women finally recognize their external and inner beauty, enjoy it and nurture it, the relationship will be more stable and happier.