Horoscope knows what you are doing when no one is watching – Stars is peeking through your keyhole!

We all have rituals, certain things we do only when we are sure that nobody's watching. However, there are no secrets for astrology.


Horoscope is peeking through your keyhole and 'sees' what others can't see.

Here's what each sign is doing behind the closed doors. 


Need for adrenaline makes him tense and nervous sometimes. All this due to his temper. The Aries are prone to biting their nails. They've been doing that since they were children and they most often don't give up the habit even in old age. 

When they bite all their fingernails, they are capable of switching to toenails. But they do it only in the bathroom, away from curious eyes. Since they move a lot, they are in good shape, so it makes them no problem to reach their toes with their teeth.


Taurus is a hedonist and a phlegmatic, so it is hard for him to wake up early in the morning. Usually, the whole family is involved (wider one if necessary) to make this sloth move and get out of bed. This is a lasting process.

And while everyone in the house is using all possible means of modern technology and all the imagination to make him get out of bed, Taurus embraces his favorite blanket, cuddles with it, sucks his finger and farts satisfied. 

Another characteristic of Taurus is that he will secretly, behind your back, polish already washed glass or fork you gave him, before it comes near his mouth if he doesn’t  want to offend you, or he will openly ask you for another, the one without a stain .. the stain down there, see it?



Very versatile and clever, Gemini is intellectual sign. He is interested in all areas and has a lot of information. However, sometimes it is a big burden, so their concentration is decreasing. These are the people who lose something every day. If you've ever wondered who could forget to pick up their own child in kindergarten, this is undoubtedly a Gemini.

When he feels that his concentration is falling,  Gemini will quickly ‘fire’ a thunderous fart, which would wake the dead. Then he will sniff it, glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one noticed. If somebody makes a comment from the other room, he will play dumb: ‘I have no idea what it was, probably something outside’... 


Cancer is the sign that is committed to family. They are not big fans of going out, and they feel best at home. They are inert, their motor skills are poorly developed, so they tend to triple over their own feet. Objects fall out of their hands constantly. You should keep them at safe distance.

They often break a precious object while visiting someone, and then hastily look for a way to fix it, glue it, just enough to hold until someone else touches it, so they don’t be the ones to blame.


Always hungry for attention and applause, Leo usually has unnatural posture. Sometimes due to that desire to make everyone and at every moment like them, they may have some unconscious tics. They walk unnaturally,  with heads raised high, so people usually say he looks ‘stiff.'

You can almost be certain that Leo, when no one is watching, eagerly does some of the obsessive compulsive actions - skips compounds on the sidewalk, touches the objects in a particular order, counts sips while drinking water or brush movements while combing hair. He probably spends a lot of time in front of a mirror practicing facial expressions and often makes love to his own reflection.

HOROSCOPE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING– Stars is peeking through your keyhole!


She can overdo it with details and cleanliness, but she simply must have disinfectant by her side. She will notice details that she would improve in your home too, and won’t hesitate to move mechanically some items to satisfy the law of symmetry only known to her.

When she goes into someone’s toilet, she won’t sits on the toilet until she doesn’t thoroughly wipe it with antibacterial wipes and covers it with paper. While doing her business she’s  probably touching your things, opening cupboards, checks the quality of your toothbrush, takes a look at your dirty laundry and contents of your garbage can.


If you didn’t know it, Libra has it’s Achilles heel too. Their hairstyle is the problem that they have been dealing with all their life. This is the sign that breaks records in staying in the bathroom, 90 percent of that time they spend on their hair. Somehow they get used to living with it.

They will use every opportunity when no one is looking to check that problematic lock of hair, take a look at hair while walking by a shop window or a mirror. If you sit in an office behind the glass with mirror effect, it is likely that the monkey that’s been standing and grinning in front of you for five minutes now, doing his hair and pulling spinach out from between his teeth,  not knowing that you can see him,  might, in fact, be a Libra. 


Scorpio’s libido is unmatched. She loves sex and will imagine absolutely anyone in a certain position, whether it's interlocutor, business associate, her friend’s partner...  She simply can’t get rid of these thoughts. It is characteristic for her to have obsessive-compulsive instincts.

Be certain that the Scorpio you are talking to is imagining your ‘orgasm face,' wondering how do you look naked and judges what you could be in bed like, regardless of whether she is interested in having sex with you or not. She does it spontaneously and casually. And she does it to everyone and everywhere!



Take care not to leave Sagittarius alone while he's visiting. Otherwise, you could easily get your fingers entangled into a chewing gum, or something much worse, the first occasion you put your hand under a chair or table.

The thing is that Sagittarius has a fetish of marking his territory by gluing nose mucus or chewing gum in hidden places. That's his way of saying 'I was here.' Also, after his visit, just as a precaution, wash that robe that you keep in the bathroom. There's a big chance that he rubbed his dick against it.

When you are visiting him, be careful where you sit and don't touch anything.  


Partly due to their bony built, and partly because they are very skeptical and are afraid that someone may take them something that belongs to them, Capricorns are generally hunched and it makes them look older. They live their life in fear of losing money, and in time that gives them worried and a little-tired expression.

They hide money in most unbelievable places, so they often, like squirrels, forget where they hid the treasure. Once they are alone, they count the money they saved and polished valuable possessions. If they are rich, they probably ‘swim’ in the money like Scrooge McDuck.


Aquarius can be very weird when it comes to hygiene. They use every opportunity when no one is watching to pick up dirt under their nails, and even from the navel.

When they are alone, they try to eat out of the same plate and drink from one cup so they won't make dishes dirty. That's why they often grab something to eat and drink water directly from the tap. They absolutely hate unnecessary dirt and mess in the house.

When they are visiting someone, this all fails and they may even ask you to get them separate glasses for water and juice.


Pisces tend to jump from one topic to another when they are having a conversation. Why can't you ever understand what Pisces wanted to say? Here's the answer: In their world of twelfth dimension, they assumed that you have the ability of telepathic communication and that their confusing speech was very clear.

Once she stays alone, Pisces goes on having the conversation with you in her mind, so don't get too surprised if she starts treating you unpleasantly all of a sudden. It is possible that in the imaginary conversation you said or did something really offensive. She is capable of blaming you for something she only dreamt.

The same way, she can become extremely fond of you.


HOROSCOPE KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING– Stars is peeking through your keyhole!