Men revealed why some girls are for a relationship, and some just for pleasure in bed

She may be incredibly sexy, maybe unbelievably smart, but she doesn't have that something,

so men don't see her as a relationship material.

And what exactly is 'that something' 15 men said openly for 'Thought catalogue. 

– 'Girl you see casually doesn't care about you. Either she is focused on herself or she just wants sex. Girl who is perfect for a relationship is somebody who loves you, who does  things for you because she wants to make you happy.'

– 'Girlfriend is somebody you like doing things with. You want to take her everywhere with you because no matter what you do, it will be better if she's there. For a girl who is just a fling you mostly don't care- she can be there but she doesn't have to'.


– 'Sometimes it's not the girl but timing. When I was 23 and 24 I definitely didn't want a relationship. I only wanted to have fun.  As great as the girl was, in that period of my life I didn't want to settle down.'

– “Girl who does my laundry is my girlfriend. The one who takes them off is just a fling.'

– 'Girls I hook up with are those I see change themselves to be somebody who they think I want them to be, the girl I'm in a relationship is authentic and true to herself no matter what.'

– 'I get into affairs with girls who I think would never be with me. Those who look so good that you feel they are too good. Girlfriend I'm in relationship with is more somebody from my league.'  

Men revealed why some girls are for a relationship, and some just for sex

– 'That's quite easy- a fling is a woman who I can't stand for more than a few hours. Girlfriend is somebody I can't stand to be without for longer than one night.'

– 'Usually, if we have sex when we first meet- that's a fling. Except if she looks like Jennifer Lopez, then I'll try dating her, if she wants me.'

– 'I date girls who have their flaws, their weird habits. With flings I don't get the time to discover their habits.' 

– 'My girlfriend is somebody who manages to make me laugh, who brings back a smile to my face even on horrible days. One night stand doesn't have to try and make me laugh. She just has to make me horny.'

– ' A fling comes down to physical attraction. Those are either the girls I simply must have sex with those who are there when I'm horny. Girl for a relationship is something else. You build a relationship with her gradually. I get to know her because she is interesting. Of course, I find her sexy and I'm attracted to her, but real connection comes gradually.  She's not just some chick I want for one night stand; she is the person I want to get to know better.'

– 'Girlfriend is a woman who is also your friend. Of course, you have sex, but you also enjoy the time you spend together. You don't enjoy spending time with a fling. Just pleasure in bed.'


– 'With a girlfriend you can have a meaningful conversation about things that are important to you. With one night stand you may possibly talk about the weather. Talking to her is like watching the news on TV that is of absolutely no interest to you.'

– 'Your girlfriend is a family caravan, it does so much for you, you can use it for so many things. It may not look luxurious, it may not be the fastest car on the road, but it has never let you down. Casual girlfriend is like Lamborgini - you will take a ride once or twice in order to see how it works, but you won't dream of committing to it'.

– “Girlfriend is someone you are in love with. When you start going out, you will be nervous and excited to see her, and that feeling will last for months. A fling is someone who doesn’t make you nervous; you just see her ”.

Men revealed why some girls are for a relationship, and some just for sex