Horoscope: Some of the zodiac sigs stays married at any cost and for some of them divorce seems like the only solution

People enter marriage out of various reasons, and they have different notions of how this unity should work.

 It depends on many factors whether this relationship, which was made with intent to last until the rest of our lives, will be long lasting or it will come to a separation after all.

Probably nobody enters marriage with the idea that it could fall apart but lives with the idea that their marriage will be the best and the most successful. However, when things start going down, some consider ending this story to be the best solution while others use whatever they've got to stay with their partner, just like they made a promise, until the rest of their lives, for better or worse. Discover what horoscope signs think on this subject. 



Fiery and temperamental members of this sign don't see marriage as something scary, that is why they often enter it with a person they haven't been dating for long. However, this doesn't stop them to optimistically believe that they have closed the 'deal' for good.  They have great fear not to feel monotony in marriage so they try really hard not to let that happen. They can be careful with their partner, but not in a classic way and if they consider he or she doesn't appreciate that enough, they become pretty egoistic, even though jealous outbursts are nothing new to them.  They try to solve minor disputes with sex, but if it comes to really serious problems, especially if the other side is attacking or insulting them they will without too much thinking put an end to this period of their life.  They extremely value themselves, they are proud and don't want to let anyone belittle or humiliate them, so as hard as it is for them that their marriage had failed, they will think that they chose the solution which is best for everyone. They don't forget their parental obligations and take good care of children because they don't want them to suffer because of their decision.



People born in the sign of Taurus tend to find stability,  so the idea of marital life is completely acceptable and they don't run away from their obligations in matrimony. They are extremely reliable and are a true support to their spouse, but it is also very important to them that he or she provide them stability. However, if that isn't the case, they will retract to themselves for short but then they will be showing their dissatisfaction everywhere.  Taurus speaks freely, and in addition to that, they always have arguments when they argue with someone, so their spouse will always know very well what is held against him and what he is expected to do. Taurus is very sensitive when it comes infidelity in marriage. Of course, they will be extremely hurt because they believe that they are good enough to give their partner everything so that you can expect fierce outbursts of jealousy. Also, they are prone to flirting shamelessly with another person in front of their partner, but not because they lack excitement in their life but to show their partner what he or she could lose. However, they are almost never ready to be the ones who will end their marriage.   



Members of this air sign have extremely fun and swaying notion of marriage as an institution, in accordance with their nature. For them everything is the matter of agreement, they are not the slaves to social dogma and for them it's crucial to avoid the routine. They are true partners to their soul mates in every meaning of that word. They are eager for challenges and excitement, and hungry for love and attention. If they don't get what they believe belongs to them, it will upset them very much and they are capable of having a horrible fight in order to show to the other side that they are wrong. As soon as they feel neglected, Gemini turns into a master of flirtation, sometimes that game brings them great excitement, sometimes they only get short-term self-confirmation that somebody sees them in the real light and that they are valuable. They are not people who would seriously consider divorce, to them an idea of a free marriage where everybody leads their separate life is more appealing, even though in that situation they would like to have their hands untied, so they could do everything they want, contrary to their spouse.




Members of this water sign are made for marriage and family. Great emotions who are extremely devoted to their family, no matter how successful they are in life, if they are not realized in the field of marriage to them it does not mean anything. That is why they are in a constant search for an ideal partner who will round up their life story. Cancer will blossom in marriage and starting a family, but if it comes to disagreements they will be extremely hurt due to their fragile emotional nature. Even if their marriage is falling apart and he is completely dissatisfied, in front of the world he will create an image of harmonious family life. He will burden his nerves with acting, but he will not let anybody know what is going on within the walls of their home. Even if a partner insists on separating, Cancer will not let it- first. He will try in a nice and subtle way to try to assure his partner that they are going through a bad phase which will pass, and if the things get rough he will try at the cost of his life not to get divorced. The reason for this is that he believes that one family can’t stay healthy if it is not complete and that children deserve to be at the same time surrounded by the love of both parents. Of course, also because his greatest life defeat would be to lose something that he has put his whole being into. 


Members of this fire sign have a burning desire to dominate and to have all the attention. However, when they find their soul mate (or, at least, they think they found it), they transfer focus to their loved one. They want to please her to the maximum, to make her feel like a true queen and they can even sometimes go too far by spending huge sums of money on expensive gifts and surprises. However, they can become extremely obsessive when it comes to their other half; they show jealousy both when they should and when they shouldn’t, in order to impose their attitudes and thus overpower their partner. If they are not happy in their marriage, they won’t have a problem entering numerous affairs, trying to compensate for what’s really missing in their life. They will be incredibly disappointed if the problem becomes more profound because it doesn’t suit the picture of perfect marital life they have in their head. They can also get separated with their partner for a longer period of time, and try to live their life but they will still try to be somehow involved in the life of their still formal spouse. As much as they believe that they are ready to cut everything and start living a whole new life, Leo will rarely suggest that himself. If his partner is for it, they will stay married, and if not, there will be a divorce to his great sorrow. 


HOROSCOPE: Which sign stays married at any cost and to which divorce seems like the only solution


Members of this earth sign long for the union but under their conditions, because just like in any other relationship, also in marriage there has to be some order and there have to be certain rules. Of course, they will expect reciprocity because in her opinion, marriage and love will last only if both partners equally give as much as they receive. Since in practice this often isn’t the case, because you can’t measure emotions and care, they will be terribly disappointed to see that marriage is not what they imagined. They will try to suppress their dissatisfaction, but if it lasts they will turn into a real grumpy who will be saying things that bother her to the partner’s face, but not everything at once. Extra-marital affairs will not be new to them, but they will consider these a factor that cannot seriously jeopardize their marriage. Actually, they justify their infidelity with the fact that they finally found a way to compensate for what they lack - mostly attention, dedication and tenderness, but they don’t even think of putting an end to their marriage because of the third person. They will do it, with great sorrow and with blaming their partner, only if the other side wishes to live without her.


Members of this air sign consider that no person is complete, nor can advance in life if not emotionally fulfilled, and that is why they are big supporters of marriage. Realistically, they feel extremely well when they are married and you can see that they are fulfilled in that relationship. They are willing to make many compromises because of the person with whom they decided to share the good and evil; they are capable of talking to that person for hours in order to peacefully come to a solution of a problem. They are terrified of conflicts and if they are married to a person with explosive temperament, they will be miserable. No matter how much their problems pile up, Libra will be eating herself out on the inside, but will also try to hide these problems and pretend that everything is ok. She will rarely enter an affair, not that it doesn’t cross her mind, especially if her partner isn’t gentle enough or doesn’t pay much attention to her. She will fight to the last breath for her marriage to survive, because she believes that it is still easier to go through life in a pair than to be completely alone and they can be very unpleasantly surprised if their partner asks for a divorce. Finally, she will agree to it, without too much noise, even though her heart will be bleeding.


People born in the sign of Scorpio enter marriage as if they were getting on a carousel, expecting it always to be exciting and that adrenaline rush thumps in their head all the time. They need passion and excitement as they need the air, so they almost never choose extremely common and ‘soft’ person for their spouse. They try extremely hard but also expect to be rewarded for it. Monogamy is not their strong suit but their affairs hardly ever mean something more than just breaking the boredom. Scorpio will, despite his infidelity do everything possible that his partner never finds out about that infidelity and will strive to create a harmonious atmosphere. However, if Scorpio was cheated on, and doesn’t get enough love and attention or partner can’t appreciate what Scorpio does for him, it will completely distance itself. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the marriage will be legally terminated, but sharing the same roof doesn’t mean that they will be sharing anything else. Scorpio is smart and cunning enough to punish him, devising herself a life she wants along the way, and maximally enjoy it without any remorse.  



For people born in the sign of Sagittarius, marriage as an institution means absolutely nothing, to them it’s perfectly all right to live with the person they love without signing the paper. However, if the other side insists on making their relationship official, he will do it for her. He will be very careful in marriage, willing to negotiate but will expect to have the same amount of freedom he had before marriage. He doesn’t have a problem with flirting around, but it's more for amusement than trying to prove something to himself. The only thing he doesn’t want is to be bound and to be imposed in a monotonous way of life. He is not explosive, so even in fights it doesn’t come to breaking down the walls and tearing down the ceiling. If it comes to major problems in their marriage, they will try to resolve them any way they can, but if a partner seriously undermines his sense of freedom, or suffocates him too much or is too slow for him to go down the same path of life together, Sagittarius will let his partner clearly know that he wants to get rid of them. 


Even though they love their partner with whole heart and soul, people born in the sign of Capricorn will resist entering formal marriage for a long time. Once they give in, the see this union as their project, because they are extremely ambitious and people of career, so it is very important to them that every aspect of their life is successful. However, it is not easy to balance that, and if he's not getting enough love and attention from his partner on top of that, he will be very dissatisfied because in his partner he sees his best friend. He can punish his partner with cold attitude and restraint, but that is just a mask of the person who expects to be loved as much as she believes she should be. They are very persistent so they won’t give up in resolving any problem that emerges in marriage, but they can also be quite conservative so they rarely run into extramarital affairs even when they are deeply unfulfilled. Capricorn will never want to divorce, even if it's the worst marriage, because the image that other people have of him are the most important to him. Still, he will feel quite unhappy if he fails in this field because he will think that he is not good enough, but he will almost never talk about it to anyone.


This air sign is considered to be the most faithful sign in Zodiac. Even though it’s somewhat contradictory because she jealously protects her freedom, she sincerely believes in unity. When she enters a marriage, she always does it out of great love, sometimes idealizing her partner too much. She may be atypical wife and mother, but never at the expense of her loved ones. Her understanding of the community in which she is, is quite different in comparison to other signs, as she is eager to keep a piece of freedom only to herself. This may do her harm, but in time partner’s flaws will come to the surface and she will see them clearly. If she realizes that he is not what she wanted, she will be pretty dissatisfied but she will try to compensate her discontent in various ways, but never by entering an extra-marital affair. She will fight for her marriage and family as much as she can, even when the meaning ceases to exist, but in the end, she will decide that good divorce is better than a bad marriage. That will destroy her emotionally, but deep inside she will know that she made the right decision and eventually will become her old self- free, broadminded and extraordinary.


Members of this fire sign seem as if they have been waiting their whole lives to get married so that their fairytale can begin because they have a truly fairy-tale notion of love that should last for a lifetime. Gentle, extremely careful, they want to rejoice their spouse with simple attentions every day and make all his wishes come true. No matter how many obligations they may have with their spouse and family, Pisces will perform them all without saying a word because they feel it’s their duty. Even if they feel tired because of that, they will hardly tell anyone. The same thing happens if it comes to complications in marriage, they will consider it their fault since they are doing everything to please their partner and he is still not satisfied. She will deal with harsh words and bad behavior, and even though deeply unhappy because of everything that is happening to her; she will force herself to smile and hide it all. Pisces is not the type who will get divorced- she truly believes that the ‘I do’ she has said before God, and the people are for good and that love and marriage do not have a rerun. Even if it’s entire to her detriment, Pisces is able to endure anything just to keep the family together.