What kind of woman does he need? Taurus likes funny women, Scorpio needs a devoted one...

Before you enter a relationship, find out what kind of women suits his horoscope sign.


The most important thing to an Aries is that his partner considers him to be the best, the smartest and the most handsome. If she tries, in some way, to disagree with him or to break his ego, she will be eliminated. An Aries lives his life by his rules; if someone fits in- great, if not- never mind. Either will be okay, as long as he doesn't need to make compromises.


He wants a girl he feels comfortable with no matter what he does or where he goes because a Taurus likes to enjoy and entertain. He doesn't like to be disrupted, so if you suddenly decide to go to the movies and want him to get ready for a couple of minutes, just forget about it. Everything has to be planned but by his schedule. If you can't cook, don't go near him.


Gemini people, the cheekiest of all signs, like to be fun all the time. You can expect to feel like a teenage girl beside him. That can be a good thing, but a Gemini will behave the same way even when it becomes serious. If you do not want to text endlessly or to spend the whole night on the phone, avoid this eternal boy. You can't make him do what you want, to manipulate him; how can one manipulate a manipulator?   They can talk about everything and nothing for hours.



His mood changes so quickly. Being often tense, he can easily get angry; you should count on that. He has to be pleased in every way, from food to places you go out to. It is unlikely that both of you will be satisfied, for a Cancer is very picky about everything. You'll probably need to talk to his mother and ask for advice. And yes, his family is in the first place, don't try to fight that. If you're not ready to adjust to his terms, just walk away.


The loudest and the most prominent sign of the Zodiac, Leo always attracts the attention. If you do not pay much attention to him or neglect him for even a day, it will be a problem. He can't stand that everything is not the way he wants it to be, even when he's wrong. If you don't wish to listen to self-glorifying monologues or praise him always, the best thing to do is to give up on him.

What kind of woman does he need? Taurus likes funny women, while Scorpio needs a devoted one...


A Virgo is a meticulous, tidy and well-dressed man. He finds faults with everything and everyone, even himself. He is cynical, but not in an offensive manner. There is no way to convince him that you might be right because he always finds a unique solution for everything. He can plan his whole life with you, yet do nothing about it. This man has to realize that not everything is perfect and that personal relationships and emotions can't be planned in advance.


Uneasiness and hesitancy are the main shortcomings of a Libra man. He will always try to make compromises. You won't be sure in the beginning if he is in love or just well-behaved. A Libra doesn't like solitude, usually hangs out with friends and family; and you, if he has time. The good thing is that he knows when to apologize. They loathe arguments and endless discussions.



A Scorpio man finds it hard to get emotionally attached to anyone, and he usually confuses sex with love. It is important to him to get regular doses of pleasure; everything else can wait. His insecurity causes him to be very jealous and possessive. If you think of yourself as being energetic and imaginative, but also patient, the challenge awaits you. If you're not ready for total commitment, don't enter into a relationship with a Scorpio, because he leaves easily. No compromises, no regrets.


Inconsistent and impulsive, this cheerful sign of the Zodiac won't be able to stay with you for long if you constantly impose your views on him. He likes his freedom more than anything else. He doesn't want to change himself but expect his partner to follow his rhythm. Sometimes he doesn't know what he wants, but he certainly knows what he doesn't want. He changes his philosophy for no one, so don't preach to him, you might be shown the door.


He can talk for hours, and wait for days. That doesn't go in his favor because time goes by and he hasn't yet approached you. Yes, you.  There is no initiative, so it is hard for him to decide whether to approach a girl or not. If he is in a relationship, everything has to be by the book. A girl has to pass all the tests to get introduced to his family. If you lack patience, stay away from him.


An tricky one. To make him marry you is almost impossible, so don't expect much. He wants a rich social life, not a commitment. He doesn't take marriage seriously, or to be exact, he finds it hard to understand why it even exists, being just a piece of paper. He will only accept a woman who is going to be his friend before anything else. Until he finds her, he won't be very faithful.


A Pisces man finds it hard to open up. He has to make sure that a girl he chooses can fit into his life, and then he goes into action. It is important that a partner doesn't try to control him; he will not invest himself in such a relationship. He is a big fan of music and movies, so if you're not into art, don't try to read his mind. He doesn't fall in love very quickly; it takes much effort and patience to build a solid relationship with him.   


What kind of woman does he need? Taurus likes funny women, while Scorpio needs a devoted one...