Horoscope: Influence of planets on your looks - Venus rules Taurus and Libras...

Venus rules Taurus and Libras. They are adorned with exceptional beauty and art of seduction.

You often think your new colleague is Aquarius because they have eccentric dressing style, and a man who constantly watches you looks like a Leo. But does anyone have to resemble their solar sign?! Astrology says that the dominant planet in a horoscope, for which term hyleg was taken from the Arab astrologers (the provider of life), is usually the one that gives visible characteristics of a person. How to recognize it? Be objective and take a good look in the mirror ...


So if your hyleg is:



You, regardless of gender, have a stronger upper body and a proud posture. Your hair is thick, slightly curly; your face is not too round. Your nose is wide, your lips are full, with a charming smile and dark complexion. Extra pounds stick to your waist, and you don’t like to work at night. You have authoritative look and strong will. At the season’s transitions, on March 21, June 22, December 23 and December 23, you need to adjust the diet and focus on the fluid food, because it is the easiest time to lose weight, but also to break off some bad habits. In the morning, before sunrise, it's best to exercise at least ten minutes a day, especially during sunny days.



You have a soft but rounded body. Your face is very round, you are pale, and you can easily get dark bags under eyes. Your hair is fair or light brown, and you’re medium height. You seem rounded even when you have optimal weight. Your eyes are usually bright and dreamy. You are shy until you are well aware of the environment. You speak slowly and like to have the support of your family members. If you have weight problems, stick to the Moon diet, especially when it's full or new moon. Walk by the river and breathe with full lungs.



Your figure is young and slender. Regardless of gender and age, you are very mobile and dynamic. Your face is tight, narrows at the chin, your eyes are prominent, and you seem like a very communicative and intelligent person. Moving, cycling and hiking suit you. Don’t let yourself be passive. The most important thing to you is mental and spiritual relaxation. Since your character is very active, curious and tense, you can have problems with nerves. All meditation-type techniques are very useful in your case.



Everyone will say that you are beautiful. If you are a woman, you have a sand clock or guitar figure, and if you are a man, you have the body of the attractive seducer. Your face is oval and adorned with holes on your cheeks when you smile. Your eyes are dark and deep, and your lips look as if they were drawn. Harmonisation of your body, health, and energy is best done during the rule of Taurus and Libra, from April 21 to May 21, and from September 23 to October 23. Take up sports that will develop your grace and beauty and harmonize the energy of the soul and body. We recommend martial arts or dances.

Horoscope reveals which planet has the biggest influence on your looks


You are slender, a little tough and always ready to move. Your body is oblong, and energy comes out of you. You have a fiery gaze that conquers, and you are very authoritative. You react quickly and impulsively respond. Your movements are vigorous, and you can’t tolerate objections. Your forehead is pronounced, your lips are big, and your eyes are almond shaped. It is advisable to deal with techniques that calm down because you are often tense due to your energy. Meditation and relaxation are a source of good health and harmony for you. The only problem is that you give up very quickly on certain situations and techniques. Anger and control management are precious allies in your better life.



You are a person with noble, almost royal posture. Your body is consistent with height and weight. You are very pleasant and noticeable. Your face is slightly rounded, forehead high and your eyes are piercing. You regenerate best on travels. When you don’t know how to find more energy, try to travel to the unknown. The source of your success and longevity is the faith you have in abundance, and the best way to adopt new rules for improvement is to adopt the certain philosophy and positive thinking.


Although these planets have more influence on appearance and behavior, modern astrology accepts the influence of the so-called transcendental planets so that we will consider them too:



You are muscular and bony. You look like a person who can withstand all the difficulties. You are medium height, and you have thin limbs. Your face is darker, and you never blush. Your eyes are small; smile restrained, you are silent and often pensative. Restraining techniques suit you to be disciplined or repair your health and shape. You are prone to osteoporosis and inelastic joints. You are advised to eat food rich in calcium, fish oil and proteins, and the ideal sport for you is hiking.



You are tall, but in rare cases very short. You have a face with prominent cheekbones, almond light colored eyes. Your body is athletic even if you’ve never practiced sports. Your lips are thin and not prominent, and your arms and legs are long. They help you in extreme sports, you enjoy flying, parachuting and rafting. All adventurous techniques and so-called new age techniques suit you. You are honest and very objective.



You are plump and slow. You like to sleep and move very slowly. You have pensative, absent look and round eyes. You don’t have strong musculature. For you, sleeping and dealing with specific tasks are a real activity. You don’t need much time spent in daydreaming and not doing anything specific. Meditation attracts you, but due to your complacency, you need to be surrounded by people and be socially engaged. Walking by the river, sea water and swimming suit your looks and energy.



You are a mysterious person in your surrounding. Regardless of whether you are male or female, you attract people like a magnet, and they accept you by either love you or they can’t stand you. You have dark hair, big piercing eyes, your eyebrows, and arcades are sharp, and you seem smart. You are slim and attractive. You must take care of what you put into your body because the secret of your longevity is detoxification. You drink a lot of water, exercise and train sports dictated by your intuition because your instincts are very precise and accurate.


Horoscope reveals which planet has the biggest influence on your looks