Men reveal: Most desirable women for relationship

What kind of women men love to be in a relationship with ...

For every healthy and serious relationship, hard work and patience of both partners are needed. Compromise, understanding and talk make the three main ingredients of every good and satisfying relationship, and without just one of these - relationship may be completely unsuccessful.

However, there are types of women who attract men the most, just like some women are attracted to a certain type of men. Find out what kind of women men would most like to be with when it comes to the type of personality.

1. Woman who is confident

Self-confidence, as you probably know, plays a major role in attracting the opposite sex. Of course, this is a normal amount in which you feel satisfied with your appearance and life in general. Men find it sexy when they see that a woman knows how much she’s worth, and that’s why such women take the first place.

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2. Who loves adventure and fun

When we say adventure and fun, we think of adventurous spirit and desire to travel and explore what’s new, but also this applies to bed. Men love it when each time is different, more fun and better. They also love it when a woman feels free to say what she wants and is not afraid of her sexuality.

Men reveal: most desirable women for relationship

3. Who likes to experiment

Most beautiful part of the relationship is enjoying new experiences, whether it comes to tasting food from another country or a new position in sex.

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4. Who encourages and is always there

Men need someone to be there for them in any situation. After a hard day at work or any kind of bad experience in life, a woman who will always be there is the best thing a man can have.

5. Who is cheerful and funny

Men recommend: show your true, fun face and free spirit that lies within you! Telling stupid jokes, laughing for the smallest little thing is a big ‘yes’ to all men. Beside the fact that they will further relax by your side, partner with whom you will sometimes act silly will really appreciate it and see that you can be fun in any situation.

Men reveal: most desirable women for relationship