What sense of humor have your zodiac sign: Virgo is not a humorous kind, Sagittarius is extremely witty

Every Zodiac sign has its own special sense of humor that can be easily recognized. These are the characteristics...


Aries is an aggressive sign ruled by Mars, and his humor is quite cruel because he likes to make fun of others. It is characterized by loud laughter and does not accept jokes about him.


Taurus has a subtle humor that is always within the limits of decency and by the circumstances, which his ruler, Venus, gives him. He can laugh at himself too.


Gemini love to joke and jokes are by their character - everything from simple to intellectual; they only avoid vicious one.

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Cancer prefers to listen to jokes than make one, but when he tells a joke, he avoids being vulgar, because a family man like Cancer know that words can hurt others.


Leo likes to be in the center of attention for everything, including a joke that will pull out from nowhere because it can be extremely funny when he wants to.

What sense of humor have your zodiac sign: Virgo is not a humorous kind, Sagittarius is extremely witty

Virgo is not a humorous kind; hardly even smile to jokes because a constant feeling of less value prevents them from relaxing. It is easy to know when you have gained the trust of Virgo - s/he always laugh loud in your company.


Libra can be very frivolous and knows how to make laugh everyone around, and being ruled by Venus, will avoid vulgarity.


Scorpio despite his mystery, s/he is quite witty, and his trademark is a brilliant black humor that spares no one, not even himself.


Sagittarius is extremely witty and will always make laugh the whole society because his ruler Jupiter gives him an innate sense of humor and contagious optimism.

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Capricorn has difficulties to understand jokes, it’s a burden given by his ruler Saturn, and the main problem is his extreme seriousness, which does not allow him to relax and laugh out loud.


Aquarius changing moods often, so you never know whether will laugh with you or not, but accepts all kinds of jokes, even those of himself, without any objections.


Pisces laugh on someone else's jokes and their own torment, because they have no sense of humor, but the good side of their character is they laugh on their fallacy.