Zodiac signs: Ascendant of Gemini is communicative and friendly, Ascendant of Libra is the symbol of charm and beauty

Born in Ascendant of Scorpio are attracting like magnets while born in Sagittarius Ascendant are dominant


wherever they appear, if not with appearance, then with the humor.

The Ascendant in  the horoscope, in most cases, can be recognized by physical appearance and characteristic posture of the person, as well as the impression that the person leaves on the people around. Discover what your Ascendant says about you.


Born under the Ascendant of Aries


Yourself-confidant appearance is immediately noticeable, just like the spontaneous and wit are. While under the influence of your ruler Mars, the planet of action, you are impatient and hasty, yet, you act with dignity. Your gait is determinate, and a head is proudly raised. You are full of enthusiasm and love to prove yourself because you always have a goal in front of you. Your handshake is sturdy and always looking your interlocutors straight into their eyes. If something is not clear, you butt without apology.

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Born under the Ascendant of Taurus


The penetrating look of your most often expressive eyes, beautiful hair and friendly tone of voice, speak louder than your words. Under the influence of the Venus, the Ascendant ruler, the planet of beauty and charm, your radiate charm and sex appeal, so you cannot stay unnoticed. You know how to emphasize your feminine attributes. Your movements are slow, slight, and seductive with a tendency to exaggerate that is noticed in your style of dress and the way you move.


Born under the Ascendant of Gemini


Basically, you have a slim body, beautiful hands, and feet, which never at rest. Your Ascendant is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication and information, so you are constantly on the move and always there were something is happening. You are communicative, friendly, often gesturing while talking about something. Hopping with the foot under the table, overlooking around the room you notice everything. You are curious, cheerful and witty, in your company is never boring. You are youthful, so it is difficult to assess your age.


Born under the Ascendant of Cancer


You attract with a specific mixture of charm, tenderness and strong emotions which you shyly show. If you are a lady, it is important in which sign is the Moon, ruler of the Ascendant of Cancer. If in Gemini, you are slender and agile, and if it is in Leo, you are adorned by a beautiful hair. With the Ascendant in Cancer, you are generally identifiable by the beautiful hair and breasts. Often changing the mood, and is impossible to know how you will react. It is easy to offend you, and you quickly explode.


Born under the Ascendant of Leo


Dignified, with self - confident and stylish appearance always attracts attention wherever you appear. Your gait is proud, with high raised head, usually with wavy hair. You love to take care of your body shape, form, wardrobe, which is not surprising when is known that your Ascendant is ruled by Sun, symbol of vitality. You are always well dressed – up with makeup, with a highlight on the lips. Your appearance is pompous and childish at the same time, so you cannot stay unnoticed.


Born under the Ascendant of Virgo


Under the influence of the ruler of your Ascendant, Mercury, symbol of communication, you are, as well as those who have the ascendant in Gemini, youthful, charming and witty and, at first view, restrained. When you start talking, you do not know how to stop. You care to make a good impression, especially if you are a lady. Although you prefer casual style, you always seem classy. Your penetrating gaze often says more than words.


Zodiac signs: Ascendant of Gemini is communicative and friendly, Ascendant of Libra is the symbol of charm and beauty


Born under the Ascendant of Libra


Although you act with restraint, even a little cold, you know how to please others. You are sociable and very charming, as is to be expected considering that your Ascendant is ruled by Venus, the symbol of charm and beauty. You attract with refined manners, courtesy, and diplomatic attitude, you know how to please everyone. You take care of your appearance; you're always dressed up and know how to highlight your attributes. You particularly take care about your hair, and until late years, you keep a youthful appearance.

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Born under the Ascendant of Scorpio


You are a mysterious and rather closed, it’s not easy to "read" you. Whatever you dress you look charismatic, and you can never be unnoticed because your Ascendant is controlled by Pluto, the planet that symbolizes sexuality, power and charisma. You are also under the influence of erotic Mars, and like a magnet attract the opposite sex. The oval face is dominated by the expressive eyes decorated with thick lashes under prominent eyebrows. There is something dangerous in you, and your facial expression rarely reveals what you're thinking.


Born under the Ascendant of Sagittarius


Wherever you show up, you're dominating, if not with appearance, then with wittiness. Radiate serenity and carefree, you are very social and like to be noticed. You are well informed about current events, like the sporting style of dress and for a long time, you retain a youthful appearance. You attract attention with nice defined legs and hair. Your Ascendant is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and you often exaggerate, from healthy, sporty lifestyle to enjoying the vices.


Born under the Ascendant of Capricorn


At first glance, you are cold and restrained, and your mood is subject to frequent changes. Your noble presence attracts the attention of people around. Dignified and confident you are, and your penetrating, probing look notices everything. You are very charismatic, and because of the beautiful, mostly darker hair, and leaner, slight build, you stay youthful for a long time. Your Ascendant is governed by Saturn and Uranus, the planets of opposite action, symbolizing discipline and rebellion, and due to their position in the horoscope, depends on what kind of impression you leave on others.


Born under the Ascendant of Aquarius


Due to the specific, intriguing charm, you attract the attention of the opposite sex, and you enjoy to be noticed. You are sociable and friendly. Under the influence of the ruler of your Ascendant, Uranus, planet of news and changes, you're always in trend, particularly in terms of wardrobe and techniques. Your Ascendant is managed by Saturn as well, the symbol of discipline and austerity, and that’s why you act calmly and coolly.


Born under the Ascendant of Pisces


You are charismatic and sophisticated, and able to keep the youthful appearance until an old age. You have beautiful hair, breasts, and legs, attributes which you always like to highlight. With the look that hides much, you intrigue the opposite sex. You're a really artistic kind, love poetry, painting, and music, and how happy for talking about, which is quite normal when you know that your Ascendant is managed by Neptune, the planet symbolizing art, inspiration, inspiration, beauty. Although you love to eat, however, take care of the number of calories you consume.