The dark side of Zodiac: Gemini adore spending money, Pisces are just too sensitive

We all have both bright and dark side, which one is yours?


In this first Zodiac sign, the pride and arrogance find the fertile ground. To participate in anything for them means to be always the first one - the first in order, first in class, first in the division ... 

Modesty is the unknown word to them. Besides, they are possessive but also generous. They will do anything to be in the spotlight. But in something they are still better than others. They envy only to more powerful ones.

Since are submissive to the instincts, they are very vindictive, and to avoid a sense of loss, they socialize with people who are not a threat to their position. They show their speed even with meals.

Lack of interest in food makes them those who don't pay attention to what they eat, and they eat as fast as they can. They love 'buffet' where they can taste everything they want and can quickly change the tastes.

Ruled by Mars, the god of war, they are easily infuriated. They have an aggressive and violent soul, but fortunately, their anger does not dwell for long. Laziness is unknown for them because they already have a surplus of energy.


Taurus are not adorned only by pride and arrogance. They are very ambitious and do not want to be compared with anyone. They boast with their material goods and with the success of their children.  

It’s not possible to say that are stingy. They are only cautious when it comes to giving others, but generous when it comes to the family or their needs.

Under the influence of Venus, they unreservedly enjoy in all types of life satisfaction, starting from sex. Their feelings can be easily awakened, they are lusty, passionate, romantic, but also jealous and intolerant.

They love the satisfaction that is provided with a rich table, and occasional gluttony can compensate for internal or other insatisfactions.

As for anger, they are remarkably tolerant, and can keep their mouth shut for a long time, but when to explode, then it is better for you to stay as far as possible. Since they are lovers of comfort and tranquility, they can easily become lazy and are a real model of passive endurance. And imagine, they know very well how to acquire all good without working.


Pride is not usual for Gemini. They are masters of disguise, and they will appear in front of people the way they want to be seen in a particular situation.

They enjoy spending money, luxury and extravagant trips, and for them, it’s not possible to say they are stingy.

Except when it comes to feelings, because they are afraid of a solid relationship. The real lust for them is unknown sin. They think that it's OK to have a flirt and to 'impress' their prey and that that's just part of the game because they do not know well the longing and passion.

They are too smart and astute to be envious. However, in times of conflict, they feel like a victim of those who are happier. They play, they sow discord among colleagues, gossiping entertain them, and envy only those who know how to keep a secret.

They are not greedy, and the food is not important to them. They will nourish the soul through hobbies and other activities. They are not choleric, but nervous and irritable. The result of all is anger and useless loss of energy. They do not tolerate many duties, they are grudging and will become lazy if they are forced to do something against their will.


Cancer is the most sensitive zodiac sign. They are not arrogant, but sometimes they have an attitude that leaves an impression of invulnerability.

Although not stingy, they keep an eye on what money is spent. They cannot be persuaded on useless money waste and are very reasonable when purchasing. Under their charming facade, a sublime sexuality is hidden.

Since they are shy, they will not show their true nature, at least until the moment of gaining complete confidence in partners. And slowly becoming lustful ... Usually, envy only insensitive people because they think that they suffer less. In fact, they envy those who are grappling with life and fight for their future. And those who have a good family, who are protected to the maximum. 

They love sweet dishes with cream. When they feel neglected, unloved and misunderstood, they become angry, and quickly change their mood and become aggressive and furious.

Above all, they become mad when someone belittles their family, origin or country. Although they have opportunities for social success, they prefer to remain hidden in the shadows and dream with their eyes open. Because they are a bit lazy in the forefront of the fight ...

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They can be blinded by arrogance. Because they believe that they are the best, they always expect from other to kowtow before them. It’s needless to say that they are extremely successful in this.

Their characteristics are vanity and conceit and are immune to the stinginess. They do not know what savings is and are buying anything they want.

They like to impress people with high-class gifts. Even in bed, they think they are the best. Female Leo wants to be courting by all, and male Leo wants a harem that will take care of his needs. They are very lusty. They are jealous only to objects and material goods that someone, who don't not deserve them, has.

They love to prepare feasting, unmistakable in the selection of plates, glasses, and decoration. They like delicious foods and wines and - of course, they are greedy. When opposed, they become impossible and intolerant. They are tyrants and have a need for victims and anger is not unknown to them. In Dante's circle, laziness is only temporary. They can be immobile for a long time and focused on their needs. This is not a true laziness?


Virgo is too uncertain to be arrogant. But they have such an attitude to mislead other. They suffer from an inferiority complex and are often afraid that cannot match a particular situation.

They are careful in spending money, but when to say that will buy something, they will circumvent a large number of shops and will analyze every detail. Stingy with others, a little more lenient with themselves. Passion is a complete mystery to them, and they are not greedy.

They are informed about all techniques of fornication and happy to experiment before entering into a love action. They remark the courage, beauty, and wealth of others. They are careful in choosing foods and will choose healthy foods based on cereals.

They are very meticulous, careful about hygiene and the general impression that leave, so cannot allow themselves the gluttony. Thanks to long practiced self-control, they rarely lose their calmness. When to get upset, they do not yell but use irony knowing that the word hurts more than actions.

That’s how they express their anger. They possess a good sense of responsibility, they are hyperactive and always in fear that something is not done well enough. When to feel lonely and abandoned, they become mentally lazy.

The dark side of Zodiac: Gemini adore spending money, Pisces are just too sensitive


They are arrogant and preppy, but with style. Venus gives them a sense of nuance but become arrogant only when judged 'guilty.' Happy to spend large sums of money to be surrounded by beautiful things. Since being vain,  they buy only suave things, as they are themselves.

They save only when are afraid of losing balance. In eroticism are very delicate and aesthetes. Aristocrats in bed, after a courtship they let into fantasies and do not hesitate to practice layered games for satisfaction.

They do not envy others who have managed to find stability and live by them. If happy, they do not feel jealous of other's fortune, but if alone, they become jealous. They love delicatessens, like to cook and know how to present dishes in a very sophisticated way.

And are not greedy. They become assailed by anger when injustice happens to them and others.They can be irritated by the inability to realize some desire. When to realize that are fooled in love, they lose control.

The most difficult thing is to make decisions because that means that have to exclude someone or something, and that’s why will think for a long time ... These characteristics are the result of the tendency for a comfortable life and are interwoven with a touch of laziness.

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They are proud to incredible limits, capable of being in silence for a long time, and to show wrong attitudes in a very next moment. It is illusory to expect their surrender; they are arrogant, haughty, crafty and able to destroy their competitors.

They are not the most generous astrological sign because they give to receive, although they are not stingy. When talking about their lust, they are the wildest sign, the most jealous and obsessive.

They know all the secrets of eros and enjoy the intimacy of passion without limits. Envy haunts them when someone else has the power and is undeservedly rich.

When talking about food, they have an entirely incomprehensible attitude. Extreme as they are, is followed by a phase of gluttony or complete abstinence from food. When eating outside, they prefer small cafes. Irritable as they are, they can manipulate the scene to those who oppose them.

When angry, they become aggressive and prone to physical conflict. They sleep little and have the inner strength to overcome difficult problems. Workaholics as are, they do not waste time. They will afford themselves a little laziness only in the morning, but during the day will compensate for it.


Their main characteristic is confidence, but can be perceived as arrogance. They prefer to give orders than to listen. Avarice? They do not know what that is because they want to enjoy all of the life's pleasures, especially because ruled by Jupiter, which gives them a characteristic of generous altruists.

They are not saving kind, but if run out of money, will become unhappy. More than fornication, they love conquests. They love to fascinate the victim; they are fiery, rashly, they do not know what delicacy in eroticism is, and finally – they are lusty.

They are too generous and confident in themselves to be envious. Regardless prefer to win in sports and life, they feel a little envy when someone consecutive wins. They are greedy and prone to large quantities of food, and half-empty fridge throws them into despair.

They love innovations in gastronomy, from traditional to exotic cuisine. They are not familiar with peevishness, and their anger is short-lived. Incorrigible idealists and suffer when some of their friends take advantage of their sincerity.


They are pretentious and ambitious; they like to command, and because of pride and arrogance they cannot accept compromises. However, they know how to hide their tyrannical character with their expert conduct.

They are very careful with their spending and stingy to give something to someone because they see them as possible rivals. Because they are cold and reserved, they can only be twisted lovers.

They enter into the heart of fornication. Sometimes, however, prefer a full table than the full bed, but are not greedy. They have a balanced taste and prefer traditional cuisine. Mars, the god of war, in the sign of Capricorn, found its maximum.

Although they can control themselves, sometimes can be explosive and prove unstoppable rage. Unsuspected are the strength of their cruelty. Because of their enormous ambition and commitment to the professional level, they are unable to relax, but sometimes it seems that they are lazy. For example, when they need to show emotion, but when it comes to sex, they can last for hours.


Each Aquarius has some areas of life in which is special and best or thinks to be. This can be a banality, but is important to them. They completely transform when to defend their ideas.

They are intellectual snobs, not tactics, and often arrogant. They are wise and cautious in spending, but generous with friends who are always there for them. They love to spend money and are not stingy.

They are prone to sins in various erotic variants, torturing loved ones with their imagination that for others are unthinkable. Lust is manifested in sado - masochistic style with candles that encourage the atmosphere of immorality. It's hard to imagine them as envious persons because they are really happy when someone succeeds in what they want.

Greed and gluttony for them are an abstract concept. Impressed by the exotic cuisine that wish to experience in the country of its origin. They are not immune to laziness. However usually manage to defeat inertia and then become ready for big actions.


Pisces are sensitive and immersed in their world of dreams, they aspire to spiritual qualities, and proud of having held above material things. Due to their sensitivity, they put on the mask of arrogance.

They are not stingy, and toward themselves are more than wasteful.  They are passionate, imaginative and with a bit of masochism, which, in moments of ecstasy, brings their partners to a climax.

Lust is in their blood. As for jealousy, they envy those who do not lose time to accomplish what they want. Eating is a real passion for them. At the table, they compensate all the suffering that they have in life and swallow everything that comes into their hands.

They love dishes with aphrodisiac effect. They are not conquerors and do not know aggressiveness nor courage in attacking terms. But they defend themselves in the almost hysterical way.

They are lazy and passive as no other living creature on earth is. They try to transfer the commitments to others, and they endlessly enjoy their leisure time.