Ten sentences that kill a relationship

Nothing can upset your wife as a sentence: 'You sound like your mother'. Find out what else can drive the other side crazy.

When you're married or in a long relationship, it is best not to say some things out loud. Here are ten sentences that marriage therapists say definitely ‘kill’ relations.

1. ‘You never do the dishes. You always leave behind dirty dishes’. We all know that the dishes are the top of the iceberg and actually a start of a serious fight. If there is ‘always’ and 'never’ in a sentence, you should know that there’s a storm coming.

2. ‘You sound like your mother’. When you’re fighting, stick to the two of you. As soon as you make a comparison with mother- in-law or some other family member, you are actually creating a diversion. ‘Some other problems come out to the surface then, that is the problems that we have with parents and it shouldn't be drawn out during the fight,' psychotherapists say.

3. 'You think that you are better than everyone else'. With this sentence you show your partner that you don't think highly of him.


4. "Have I gained weight?' Avoid questions about weight and appearance at any cost,  because when you ask something like this you really mean, 'I know I've put on weight, I'm unhappy because of the way I look and I need you to tell me that to you I'm okay'.  You know that men don't exactly cope the best in this field ... and then this can lead to an argument.

5. 'Did you put on weight?' This is an unnecessary criticism of looks that can trigger an avalanche of negative sentiments with your wife. 

Ten sentences that kill a relationship

6. 'You're a bad parent, lover ...' Negative statements of this type are distressing and hard to forget.

7. 'Oh, I hate it when you do that.' - Said in front of friends or family. When you say something like this to your partner in front of others, you somehow involve these people into your fight. You introduce them into your intimacy, and trust will be hard to recover.

8. ‘I almost don’t know her; we’re just working together.' Throughout the marriage, it is inevitable that one of the spouses ‘falls for’ the third person. Then you need to be honest and not to push things under the carpet. You should say: ‘I liked your new assistant. She's very funny, but that humor reminds me of yours’.


9. ‘You shouldn’t feel like that’. Who are we to tell someone how they should feel? There is no right or wrong way for someone to feel.

10. ‘Don’t wait up’. This sentence announces that you won’t go to bed at the same time with your partner, which, if it turns into a habit can seriously affect the relationship. Going to bed at the same time, intimacy with and without sex can strengthen your relationship with your partner. Avoid going to sleep at different times, excessive watching of porns, as well as texting with flirting themes. All these factors can you ‘kill’ your relationship or marriage.


Ten sentences that kill a relationship