Hellish zodiac love combinations for all Zodiac signs

Maybe you fell for the bad guy, and that's fine as long as he's not bad for you. Unfortunately, some guys are neither bad nor good, but represent a hellish combination.


Nothing is better than a little love chase, and Taurus will certainly give it to you. If you hook up with them, when you break up (and you will), they will make you a scene you will never forget. You will curse yourself forever for entering a relationship with him.


You have a tendency to look at things too seriously, but this is not the case with Sagittarius. His "whatever" attitude will drive you crazy, and the moment you try to lock him up in a relationship he will leave. The only thing that you will miss about this sign will be all those little mental games that you regularly played. 


'Get up!' – You will hear this a lot if you hook up with a Capricorn. You hate the most when you're bored, and it will become a regular thing if you decide to be with Capricorn. He is simply too hard-working and practical for you, but the thing that will really destroy your relationship is his uncompromising honesty. Sometimes you just don't need a brutally honest answer - but a person who will make you smile. 



All you want is a little peace, security and support. Is that much? For Aquarius it certainly is because he loves fun and freedom. His emotional detachment won’t help much in the moments in which you need support, and then you will think it's simply better to be alone. And you will be right because it is better to be single Cancer than Cancer in a relationship with Aquarius.


Leos like to be surrounded by entertaining people who will help them be in the spotlight even more. If they hook up with a Scorpio, he will quickly bring them down to earth and smother with his possessiveness. They can be very possessive and jealous, and it will definitely not suit you to catch their jealous gaze every time you get involved in a little flirt.

Hellish zodiac love combinations for all Zodiac signs


If there is one thing this sign despises, it is chasing. And that is exactly what Sagittarius adores. His relaxed attitude will drive you crazy and you'll never know how things really are in a relationship. As a Virgo you know what is not good for you, and Sagittarius just may be the worst.  


Libras love harmony, but that doesn’t mean that things always have to be the same. The truth is that Virgo will completely smother you with her need to always be right, and all the fun and fabulous about you will quickly fade away.


We have to admit that between Aries and Scorpio there is a certain chemistry – the one that brings out only the worst in them. When they are together, they will focus only on their own needs and they will not care about partner’s needs. Aries wants things always to be his way, and it doesn’t work for Scorpio at all. A relationship without compromises will only bring frustration and pain.


Taurus and Sagittarius are two complete opposites and have almost nothing in common. Taurus likes to play it safe and in a relation, they would feel almost suffocated, and they can’t take it. But that's not all. Taurus don’t like change, and for Sagittarius it is the driving force.



Fortunately, you are in no danger of hooking up with Leo. You will immediately realize how different you are and that there is no chance that your relationship will work. Capricorn is loyal, creative and oriented towards goals, and Leo is too much turned towards himself. On the other hand, you probably don’t have many Leo friends, so the chances for any kind of relationship with him are even less. 


Aquarius and Cancer are such a bad partners that it should be mentioned twice. Cancer will be too emotional and selfish for Aquarius, and the lack of support will drive you crazy.


Even though Libras are very charming, they can sometimes be insensitive and careless. Although they won’t think so, they will hurt your feelings. They can inflict pain and then charm their way into being given a second chance. Break-ups between Pisces and Libra are famous because they can last forever.