Horoscope and insults: Don't fight with Scorpio, she will take out your eyes, Taurus don't forgive so easily

It isn't always easy to forgive, especially when we are very hurt. Horoscope says that every sign observes life and

 what is happening in it from another angle and that is why each of them forgives in its own unique way.


Fiery passion, ruthlessness, stubbornness and impulsivity can be noticed in Aries. If you were born under this sign, you would certainly say many things abruptly and roughly, without thinking. Your problem is that you are often not aware that you hurt someone, so when you are told so afterward,  you don’t know what this is about. Generally, Aries is not so difficult when it comes to forgiveness. His anger lasts short and he easily reconciles, horoscope says.


The Taurus don't forgive so easily. Venus makes them passionate and that is why they have a problem letting go. Taurus can do things out of spite for long and are prone to classify people into templates and react according to that. Loosen up a little and try to forgive others easier.


Geminies are people who have very good communicative qualities, which they use when they are hurt or when they hurt someone. They always leave the possibility of communication when it comes to a conflict. They talk openly about how they feel and they really try to put themselves in other person’s shoes so they could understand and bring down the barriers.



The Cancer are quiet, in love with themselves and often don’t know how to get rid of the dark mood they are in. They change mood easily, so they tend to be hypersensitive, and that is not good when it comes to forgiveness. The good thing about Cancer is that they are very empathetic, and the key to their forgiveness lies in compassion - if they get into other people's shoes, they forgive easily. That’s their horoscope.


Leo is fiery and pompous when he approaches others. Like Aries, he is sometimes not aware that what he says and does hurts others. Then he’s wondering later why others don’t behave towards him as they used to. You have to step up and ask others what they think of your behavior. Be open to constructive criticism and you will forgive easier both yourself and the others. 

HOROSCOPE: HOW DO YOU HANDLE INSULTS? Don't fight with Scorpio, she will take out your eyes!


Virgo forgives much easier than others because that is her nature, she wants to work things out and improves relations. But this can be a sword with two blades since the ideals and expectations of a Virgo are way too high for other people. This is why Virgos can be too critical and demand some things from the others that they still don’t realize they own and Virgo does. The most important thing is to have patience, because in your case it’s true what they say, better safe than sorry.


Libras want to have peace and idyll, but at what price? Libra will sometimes apologize and ask for forgiveness even if they don’t think they did something wrong, just to keep the peace. Yes, it’s important to be able to apologize, but not if you will also destroy your self-esteem. When it comes to forgiving others, Libra will always give people a second chance. One of the biggest problems in the life of Libra is finding the balance between peace and honesty towards yourself.


Scorpio is always cautious, dark and mysterious. Many Scorpio can pout whole life and try to revenge because it is almost impossible for them to forgive. Those who can’t forgive, carry this unnecessary burden with them, and in time it affects their spirit, health and vitality. Make yourself forgive the others, at least for your own good, says horoscope.


Sagittarius is always ready to forgive and work on relationships. But this shouldn’t be taken for granted, because Sagittarius is fire sign and underneath the fluttering and generous gestures lie a temperament that could easily turn against you. Sagittarius may sometimes exaggerate his gestures and words. If you are willing to negotiate and forgive, it is best not to use too many words. Let Jupiter, your ruling planet, connects you once again with that person and awakens the old love between you.



Since Saturn is his ruler, Capricorn doesn't forgive easily. He is cautious by nature, so he doesn’t go back to people who let him down him easily. Capricorn is like this mainly in the first half of his life, when he’s still learning about relationships between people. He can learn from his mistakes, and he will avoid people in whose company he may feel uncomfortable. When it comes to forgiving it is also important where your ruling planet Saturn was at the time of your birth. Capricorns generally don’t like repeating their mistakes. Since they are pessimistic due to Saturn, it is best to, like Scorpio, decide on their own, forget what hurt them in the past and stop thinking of revenge.


Aquarius have a funny way of maintaining their relationships, the least to say - they are unconventional. When it comes to forgiveness, with them you can never tell, so it’s best for them to decide firmly whether they want to and can they forgive or not. It may take them some time to draw conclusions so they could unconditionally forgive someone. Get rid of emotional burden and forgive.


Pisces are the most sympathetic and most modest sign of Zodiac and have the ability of unconditional forgiveness. Don’t ever forgive others if that makes you a victim. Don’t forgive the same mistakes. This is not unconditional forgiveness; it’s just foolish. You have to learn from your mistakes and stop giving people an endless number of chances. Learn when you should forgive and when you shouldn’t. 


Horoscope and insults: Don't fight with Scorpio, she will take out your eyes, Taurus don't forgive so easily