Horoscope and love: Aries is extremely independent sign, Aquarius have a fear of commitment

Does the meaning of your life exist only if you are paired or you think that being single has its own advantages?


Everybody wants to be loved and fulfilled in emotional level but that isn't always the case. Nobody likes loneliness, but everyone deals with it in their own way. Some want their significant other at any cost, while others don't suffer too much for being alone. And what does astrology say about how your sign is handling loneliness?


Being extremely independent sign, Aries doesn't have an overwhelming need to settle down with one person. Aries doesn't want restrictions because he is a natural born leader and he wants to pull all the strings by himself. When single, Aries lives his life by his own rules because he does absolutely whatever he wants and it feels great not to have to explain things to anybody.


Autonomous and independent, Taurus has a strong will and wants to do everything he had planned, so it bothers him immensely when others disturb that. When he enters a relationship after being single for a while, he can be really scared because he is consistent and it is hard for him to change the regular state of things. Just as it is stressful for him when he enters a relationship, he is also very upset when it comes to the break-up. 



This is a very energetic and impulsive sign of restless spirit. Strong and very independent Gemini can't stand being tied, and he quickly gets bored in a relationship even if it's a perfect one. He prefers casual dating and sex combinations to a serious and dedicated relationship.


Very complicated personality. On one hand he is independent, so it's not a problem to be alone. On the other hand, he has a great need for someone to take care of him, support him and share problems with. He can spend certain period being single, but it is definitely not a permanent solution for him.  


Even though he is proud of being independent, this independence ”bothers” him for two reasons. Firstly, since he is very proud and vain, he needs someone to make him commit. Secondly, they enjoy praises and admiration, so he needs someone to constantly tell him he is the best and most wonderful and that there is no one like him. This is why he is seldom alone for a long period. 

HOROSCOPE AND LOVE: Which sign can't stand being single and which enjoys solitude


Interesting but very complex personality. Once Virgo stays alone, it analyses thoroughly what exactly are all practical advantages of life as a single. When she decides to change her emotional status, then she examines every tiny detail in her head about everything that could go wrong in the new relationship. It is very hard for Virgo to find her pair.


For Libra solitude is just a phase. She is an independent thinker, but she adores people so she would always rather choose to have someone by her side than to be completely alone. Libra can only advance if someone is constantly admiring her so she will fall in love with anyone who fulfills this condition.


As ambitious as she is, she is also suspicious. She prefers being alone because she is too occupied with her own life to be worrying about somebody else. It takes a lot to win her trust but if that happens she is very loyal. Still, she prefers casual dating to a real relationship because basically she's a loner who enjoys living the life the way she wants to.


He loves people very much but hates being devoted to anyone. He lusts for freedom and adventure so if his other half can't provide these two things he would rather choose solitude than being suffocated in a relationship. It is completely OK for him to lose a partner, because he is a natural in life as a single.



He is distrustful and at the same time very cautious. Since he is aware of his abilities, he doesn't need admiration or praises from his partner. When he knows who he is and what he can do when he' single, it is not a problem for Capricorn to maintain that status. 


We could say about Aquarius that they have a fear of commitment. They are famous for not giving themselves completely and keeping the distance even with the person they love immensely. Freedom and independence are the main priorities in life of  Aquarius, so they will know how to live and enjoy their solitary life very successfully.


This is definitively the sign to whom it is crucial to be paired. When they are not in a relationship, it affects emotional health of Pisces. Since they are hyper-sensitive and very self-pitying, they are in constant search for a partner who will know how to comfort and motivate them, because they don't believe in themselves. If they could, they would get married right after their fifth birthday and stay with this person for the rest of their lives. Of course, even then Pisces would choose to go first, only not to be left alone.