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Virgo Accurate Horoscope: Wed, July, 17, 2024

Love: You will probably be outsmarting about where to go and how to spend your time together.

Career: The main happening for you today will be going to a sports event after work. That will fulfill both your day and your soul. It will be interesting. 

Health & Advice: Relax in the bath.


You respond positively to stimuli and recognition and feel a strong need to share the experiences and insights you have gained with others. However, this can make you overly emotional; you tend to dictate the course in all your relationships. You insist on your demands and may even sulk. You are generous with your time and services; you want to serve people, but you have difficulty understanding their feelings. You want exactly what you want and in the way you want it.

You don't value knowledge for its own sake but seek it to use it practically. You have an extraordinary memory. You carefully analyze all sensory impressions, taking a critical stance towards them.

You love science and/or the occult. You have the ability to predict the future; you are inclined towards psychometry, possess strong intuition, and can develop these abilities further if you try.

You can occasionally be temperamental. You much prefer to acquire everything through your mental abilities and vivid imagination. Despite Virgo's tendency to be quarrelsome and grumbling, you appear calm, shy, and unpretentious. Although you are fundamentally correct and conservative, your tendency towards religion is expressed through broad views. Thanks to this mutable Moon, you have many acquaintances, often change something in your home and in your relationships with others. You need variety and novelty.

You use your powers of observation and perception to gain sympathy from others and achieve goals of a higher nature.

People with this position of the Moon are logical and methodical, possessing the extraordinary ability to solve every problem, thanks to their intuition and common sense. They have an almost perfect memory, are cautious, calm, and sometimes shy. Their sense of taste is particularly pronounced.

In a man's horoscope, the Moon in Virgo indicates the need for a gentle, practical, and serious woman. In a woman's horoscope, this lunar position represents a caring woman inclined towards health, diet, exercise, and overall organization.