What stands in the way of you finding love: Gemini doesn’t seem reliable to their partner, and Libras choose...

If you’re wondering what’s keeping you from finding love you fantasize about, horoscope has answer for you!

Zodiac is unmistakable!



Aries are very self-confident. A partner may consider it attractive for a while, but it becomes a great burden eventually. That’s why egoism stands in the way of their love happiness. Learn to put your partner sometimes first, and learn to compromise, because it’s the only way to have a successful relationship. Aries often react hastily, and it can also be a problem in the relationship.



Once they are in stable relationships, the Taurus often stop taking care of themselves. They feel pleasant, so they exaggerate with food and drinking and don't pay attention to the way they look. At the same time, they are too lazy to remember that romance is at least occasionally necessary in every relationship and take their partner for granted. Their stubbornness also represents a problem in their relationships. Taurus tend to hold partner's mistakes against them for long and keep picking the same fights.



Their main flaw is that they don’t make their partner feel safe.Gemini are prone to flirt, and that is never pleasant. They don’t give the impression of stability and reliability, which is why their loved one feels that they can not be relied on. The tendency to frequent changes of opinion and mood swings is something that others also don’t find attractive because you can never tell which of their many faces will come out to the surface.



Cancers are emotional and to them love is very important, so they often, in the beginning, become dependant on their partner, and mentioning of marriage or living together so early in a relationship scares everyone. When they are in a relationship, their partner becomes center of their world, which is why he often feels being suffocated. At the same time, they easily get insulted, and they are very sensitive.




Leo's big ego is something you need to know how to handle. It isn't easy living with a person who is offended by anything and who is willing not to speak to his or her partner for days due to being insulted. They come first to themselves, which in time becomes a big problem. They can't admit their mistake and are also prone to flirt, so sometimes partner feels insecure around them.



Virgos find it hard to reveal their real emotions, even when in a relationship. For some people, it’s a problem, because it’s not easy to never know how their partner really feels. Also, they are very neat and petty, critical and a bit hard, so life with them is not easy. Their obsession with cleanliness and health can also be very tiring. 

WHAT STANDS IN THE WAY OF YOU FINDING LOVE: Gemini doesn’t seem reliable to their partner, and Libras choose...


Libras often choose people who are emotionally unavailable for their partners. When they are in a relationship, they are indecisive and keep thinking whether their partner is the one, and their tendency to flirt is driving people crazy. They don't like to fight so they'll say whatever it is that their partner wants to hear, which in time can become a problem because sincere communication is the foundation of any successful relationship.




Scorpios, who are emotional and passionate, often and easily lose their temper. They are jealous and possessive, and that can burden their partner. On the other hand, they are mysterious, and they are always hiding something, and that way they torture their partner who’s constantly feeling that they aren’t completely honest. They are vengeful, and they never forgive, and they regularly turn small conflicts into long-term fights full of accusations and attempts of emotional manipulation.



Sagittarius often hurt their partners without being aware of it. They live for thrill and action, and they quickly get bored with everything. Their partner feels as if he is supposed to be interesting to them all the time, which may create pressure. His biggest problem in relationships is the need to have complete freedom and his own social life, which doesn't suit many of his partners.



Capricorn needs to have complete trust in his partner before entering a relationship. This can be a long process, and it’s not pleasant for their partner because it isn’t easy living with someone who doesn’t show their emotions.



People born in the sign of Aquarius often seem distant because they love their individuality and freedom. It can be a problem for their partners who sometimes have the feeling that everyone else is more important than them to Aquarius. Rich social life makes many partners jealous, which Aquarius can’t understand. A loved person always knows what Aquarius is thinking, but never what he’s feeling because he avoids talking about his emotions.






Pisces often idealize their partner, but their unrealistic expectations can’t be met. They often enter relationships with people who don’t deserve them or have secret affairs. They usually have a complicated love life, and due to their sacrificial nature they are ready to take a lot, but their partners usually use and discard them. They need to understand that love is not just giving but also the receiving.


WHAT STANDS IN THE WAY OF YOU FINDING LOVE: Gemini doesn’t seem reliable to their partner, and Libras choose...