Zodiac signs and their characteristics: Aries is a fiercely kisser, Gemini are kings of parties...

Each of 12 Zodiac signs have their own characteristics, that thing what make them different from other signs.


Here are seven characteristics of each sign.



  1. They make a stirring life.
  2. Every moment in their life is important to them, and this attitude spreads to other.
  3. If you need a partner for crazy adventures, Aries is the write one.
  4. Is not a vengeful person, you can wrangle, but five minutes later he will forget all.
  5. They will not be pleased if you do something nice for them, on the contrary, they will jump for joy.
  6. If someone piss you off, they will be the first one to stand in your defense.
  7. They fall in love fast and fiercely, so their partners have an unforgettable experience.



  1. Taurus is a big molly.
  2. They are very loyal which make them great friends.
  3. Honest, will not cheat and lie.
  4. If you feel guilty for eating one more piece of chocolate, Taurus will remind you that you deserve it and will bring you a glass of milk.
  5. Always welcome in his home.
  6. Helps you realize your ideas by giving you a real perspective and practical advice.
  7.  As they like to enjoy in all best things, by their side, the enjoyment is guaranteed for you too.


  • Gemini
  1. For the discussion and analysis are excellent interlocutors.
  2. They adore new people and new situations, for that reason, by their side the new horizon will be opened for you.
  3. If you don’t like one “part” of them, no worry, they will be different next day.
  4. Smart and well – read makes them a good partner in games of knowledge.
  5. Because of their openness, you will not have to exert yourself to meet them.
  6. They have a positive influence on all around them, and they invite to activity.
  7. They are made for the party.


  • Cancer
  1. They emit a kind of tenderness and interest for other people.
  2. He will always try to please others.
  3. He has an incredible instinct, and will recognize when something wrong with you, either you are sad or mad.
  4. If the Cancer ask you: “How are you”, he really wants to hear an honest answer.
  5. His quirky sense of humor is a real refreshment.
  6. Cancer have a strong inner strength that make you feel safe by his side.
  7. Cancer will openly show you how much he love you and how much he care.


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  • Leo
  1. In all aspects of life brings adrenalin and fun
  2. Leo loves life and people, and his enthusiasm is catching.
  3. He is a truly romantic who will teach you how to appreciate the small signs of attention and all beauty of love.
  4. He is protective toward those he loves.
  5. His charm helps him to get off from almost every embarrassing situation.
  6. If the Leo fall in love, the one he is in love with will feel like the most beautiful and desirable one on the whole  planet.
  7.  To people that doesn’t know them, may seem little bit strange.


  • Virgo
  1. Members of this sign are deep, sensitive and thoughtful persons.
  2. In a case of need, the Virgo will be the first one to knock on your door.
  3. The Virgos real fun is to clean up your closet, garage or kitchen.
  4. You will never have to wait for Virgo; she will come five minutes before.
  5. Virgo like to be informed about everything, or will go in opposite direction and will clam up.
  6. Always organized.
  7. They always have a plan that make them different from others.
Zodiac signs and their characteristics: Aries is a fiercely kisser, Gemini are kings of parties
  • Libra
  1. Libra constantly spread positive energy
  2. Libra is happiest when other are happy.
  3. It is almost impossible to dislike them; they have a charm like baby does, inborn.
  4. Like a mediator can be involved in every strife, they are talented for solving conflicts.
  5. They appreciate beauty and stile and bring them into others lives.
  6. Libra will constantly remind you how much worth you are.
  7. They like to relax and to relax other too.


  • Scorpio
  1. Scorpio is the most loyal friend you can have.
  2. The best choice to confide a problem.
  3. Making “mischief ” with them is fun.
  4. Scorpio will notice everything, from new hair style to new eyebrows.
  5. Will appreciate every nice thing you do for them.
  6. With Scorpio, you can talk about sex without embarrassment.
  7.  They have big energy with which, if directed well, can change the world.


  • Sagittarius
  1. Life with them is the adventure in itself.
  2. They are generous, always ready to give without expecting to have something in return.
  3. They are cheerful, social and liked by all.
  4. Their attitudes are strong and will fight for their belief.
  5. Excellent shoulder to cry on.
  6.  With them you will always know how you stand, and what they think about you.
  7. Love to share their experience and knowledge.


  1. Capricorn
  1. They are predestined to succeed in life and to bring it to others.
  2. Good and careful householders.
  3. They are strong and consistent, supported by people around them.
  4. If you are his true friend, will do everything for you.  
  5. Their love is usually connected with large number of gifts.
  6. Ambitious and goal – directed, will encourage you to be like them.
  7. They are here to put your feet back on the ground, ad to tell you how things really are.


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  • Aquarius
  1. Original and witty.
  2. Very objective which make them good advisor.
  3. Thanks to his intellect, they can find a common language with all.
  4. It is great to be a part of their friends because they have a reputation of being a excellent party mover.
  5. Like having their own route, they follow no one, but motivate others to have their own way.
  6. Bit justice fighter.
  7. If they care about you, they will do anything to make you happy.



  1. They act with dignity and energy, as they are from another world.
  2. Make compromise very easily.
  3. They have high developed intuition, and will give excellent advice to love ones, no meter if is about finance or love.   
  4. They are not superficial and do not look at persons in this way.
  5. They have understanding for everyone around them.
  6. Their calmness and peace easily exceed into those around them.
  7. Very spontaneous.