Love with this sign is like playing with fire- it can warm you up, but it can also burn you

To love this sign can be like playing with fire: it is fascinating to watch and the warmth attracts you so much that you want to come very close,

but if you are not careful, delicate skin starts to burn under the intensity of this fire sign.

He keeps us alert and increases our endurance. This is the sign of constant contradictions, anger and passion!

He is- Aries!

Aries are ruled by the element of fire and the planet Mars and its nature is passionate, dominant, and sometimes even commanding. They are always ready for battle, whether it a friendly competition in sports, achieving desired promotion or desire of his heart.

They don't run away from challenges. In fact, Aries crave challenges. If it is hard for him to achieve something, it only increases his interest. Tell them 'no' and it's like adding gasoline to the fire, nothing will stop him in his intention to conquer you.

The problem is that they quickly fall in love and fall out of it even faster. They will chase you to the end of the world, but after you show your interest, they begin to behave like a kid in a candy store: he is interested in everything and simply can't decide on just one piece.

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For Aries, familiarity can lead to disinterest. The flash of new love completely blinds him and he forgets about the fact that all that glitters is not gold.

HOROSCOPE: Love with this sign is like playing with fire- it can warm you up, but it can also burn you

Men and women in the sign of Aries sometimes move so fast that they can't even figure out who they are dealing with.

More than any other sign Aries fall for the potential he sees in a person, rather than an actual person. If Aries fall in love with you and you manage to keep his interest, his love is truly unparalleled and unrestrained. He is not easy to keep, it is like trying to pin down a cloud.

Like a good wine, most Aries have better relationships when they're an adult. This means that they often have a great record of broken hearts from their youth.

When his dark side is dominant, Aries behaves like a child who's crying in the middle of the night for a bottle and wakes up its very tired parents. This is not a conscious selfish plan, but the inherent need that is a top priority.

They want what they want, when they want it, and usually don't have too much consideration for those who find themselves on the road to achieving these aspirations.

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The dynamic energy of Aries cries for attention. It's hard to resist him. He is attractive, fun and likes having a good time. He's really interested in you and asks questions that no one else dares to ask. He is one of the rare signs that can draw you very close and at the same time have you beg for deliverance.

His partners will be lost in their passion witnessing the genuine needs of Aries that only his partners can meet.

HOROSCOPE: Love with this sign is like playing with fire- it can warm you up, but it can also burn you