Type of man you deserve according to your horoscope sign: Cancer need a man with good heart, Virgo deserve a patient man

If you study your sign a little and how compatible it is with others, it can pretty much open your eyes.

This is for those who need extra help. If you are trying to find a man who is compatible with your horoscope sign, it is like trying to find a serious relationship through social networks.

Most of the time, men you come across don’t want anything serious.

But even if you find a man who is interesting and not too full of himself, how can you tell you won’t get bored with him after a few weeks? Well, you can’t.

Maybe you don’t believe astrology too much, but you can’t deny that you've read about your sign and thought ‘hm, yes, this is as if they were describing me!’​

Maybe you didn’t even know that some signs suit you better than others.

Let’s face it; you already know what you are looking for in a man.


Maybe you want someone who is fun. Perhaps you'd rather be with someone who will lavish you with gifts and take you on romantic trips.

No matter what kind of man you are looking for, one thing is certain - you deserve the best of the best. And sometimes that means that you have to actually get to know a man before you actually get to know him. So, what does that mean?

This means that you should check whether their qualities correspond what you are looking for (ie, compare personality of your sympathy with your horoscope sign - for the sake of science, of course).

Don’t worry, we're not judging. But we think that astrology knows what is happening when it comes to love.

Type of man you deserve according to your horoscope sign: Cancer need a man with good heart, Virgo deserve a patient man

So take a look at what type of man you should be looking for... Type of a man you really deserve:

Aries: Intellectual

Aries are incredibly independent and logical creatures. They love being alone and are profound thinkers.

Woman Aries is looking for a man with whom she will often engage in intellectual conversations.

She also likes partners who are honest and self-confident; woman Aries doesn’t  have time for nonsense.

Taurus: Man of strong will

Taurus is one of the signs who like the most to pamper themselves; they love their small pleasures. When in a relationship, Taurus is a very committed partner.

Taurus woman wants a man who is immersed in love and passion. She also wants someone who is independent; nothing is more attractive than a man of strong will.

Gemini: Sincere man

Gemini love to try new things. They are adventurous and social, so they will always expect you to keep up with them, regardless of the situation.

Woman Gemini wants a man who will express his opinion without hesitation, but who can also be playful and fun.

Cancer: Man with good heart

No one is as good-natured and sensitive as Cancer (except maybe Pisces). Cancer always wants what is best for you in a relationship, but that does not mean that you can take advantage of them.

Cancer woman is looking for a man who is like her; someone who is sincere, fair and capable of a healthy relationship.

Leo: Flirtatious man

Leo appreciates loyalty and motivation. If his other half does not have these qualities, their relationship will quickly fall apart.

Woman Leo will seek a man who is simply like her. She is not entirely serious, woman Leo wants a partner who is generous and can flirt.

Virgo: Patient man

Virgo is one of the most deliberated and most mysterious signs. She never opens quickly to others, which sometimes makes relationships difficult.

This is why Virgo wants a patient man; if he can wait, Virgo will do everything in its power to make his patience worth it in the end.

She also wants someone who stands firmly on his feet, someone who supports her choices; Virgos need a long time for introspection.

Libra: Loyal man

Libra is known for its stubbornness. It is very logical, which means that they always analyze the situation.

Faithful and flexible man suits them. Libra wants someone who is super communicative, someone who will not be vague when it comes to important things.

Scorpio: Passionate man

Scorpios are extremely intense and passionate. Sometimes they find themselves in trouble, because they first do something foolish, and only then think about the consequences.

Men who can compete with the passion of Scorpio woman will quickly realize a deep relationship with them.

Woman Scorpio also wants someone fun and patient, especially when troubles start. It takes time for them to begin to trust the other person.

Sagittarius: Sensual man

Sagittarius is adventurous and casual. He likes to try new things, but also loves hanging out at home with his significant other.

Sagittarius woman likes sensual men with a good sense of humor that breaks the tension in demanding situations.

She also needs someone who is active as she is, otherwise things will end very quickly.

Capricorn: Diligent man

Capricorns are smart and serious, and that's why Capricorn woman wants a man who is not serious all the time. She also appreciates partners who are similar to herself, because it helps her to connect with others on a deeper level.

Woman Capricorn will look for a man who works hard (but who also loves fun, of course). She also wants a sense of security in a relationship; that will help her focus more on fun things in a relationship.

Aquarius: Charming man

Aquarius is very creative and has an adventurous spirit. Woman Aquarius seeks charming and passionate man.

Also, she wants someone who is sociable, because with such a person she feels safer.


Pisces: Romantic man

Pisces are emotional and introspective and know how to use it. They are sincere when something is bothering them.

Woman Pisces wants a relationship with someone who is compassionate and attentive, just like she is. Woman Pisces also appreciates romance, so show your sensual side without hesitation.