The third brain inside you detects even the best liars!

Why would we read someone’s mind? Not only to control people and to know what they think but also to help them


These are six things we have to pay attention to read someone's mind.

Body language

Body language clearly shows what one is thinking about. Wrinkled forehead, rocking back and forth on a chair, and interlaced fingers are usually signs of stress, and if a person sits in an almost fetal position, you're witnessing a serious state of vulnerability.

You should also pay attention to arm gestures- when primates in the wilderness show their strength; they throw up their hands, stretch and pound their chests. That's the way they lower the level of the hormone cortisol and reduce stress.

Scientists claim that our emotions are first shown on our bodies, and then- even a nanosecond later- appear in our conscious minds.




If someone breathes deeply, that is an indicator of relaxation. Shallow breathing means anxiety, and if combined with short, sharp breaths, it is possible that a person is hiding something. By looking at a person's chest movement you can notice how s/he is breathing: tight rib-cage muscles are related to shallow breathing, but it will also affect the strength and tone of voice.

The third brain inside you detects even the best liars!

Eye movements

Although the face doesn't have to be the first point where you start to read the body language, it is surely one of the most expressive.

Observe the eye movements: pupils widen when a person tries to concentrate, but also when meeting new people. If pupils remain wide after that moment, it is possible that the acquaintance feels interest and affection. 



Tone of voice and rate of speech

We, too often, concentrate on what someone's talking about, without noticing the way s/he says it. Just as our body reveals what we want to hide, so those we talk to can fully control neither the rate of speech nor the tone of voice.

While the slow speech indicates calmness, the slow false speech will be recognized as a fake, posturing charisma. Words uttered with emphasis intensify this effect.


Personal style and habits

Let us read your thoughts: the best reader of your thoughts is – your mother, right? If we are right, it is thanks to the rule that we understand the most those with whom we spend most of the time and learn how that person breaths, watches, gesticulates when telling the truth, when in stress, when s/he likes something. All other rules become unimportant compared to this fact.


Precaution when mixing energies

If you read someone’s mind by loading your mental state, you'll understand nothing right. It is important to approach your interlocutor calmly, and our ability to understand his/hers mental state will be significantly higher.

We have three brains; scientists claim, and two of them perfectly read minds of other people. Our conscious mind doesn't understand body language because the evolution left it to unconscious since it is bigger and faster. But, we also have the third brain- literary in our gut, with which our unconsciousness directly communicates and transfers all the signals from the environment, especially those that our interlocutors transmit, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The third brain inside you detects even the best liars!