Are you in a relationship in which you care more?

If you recognize your relationship in this, it is desirable not to make new excuses.

The AVERAGE woman will find hundreds of ways to justify the bad things in her relationship, especially if she is in a relationship that is one-sided. These are indications that yours is such, and if you recognize your relationship with them, it is desirable that you do not make new excuses.

You have a feeling that you are doing everything alone

Whether it comes to planning, housework, or effort about you two, if you have a feeling that everything is up to you, then it probably is.

Only ultimatums work with him

If he needs an ultimatum to move and do something, your relationship is definitely unfair to you.

You often wonder if he is listening to you at all

Are you in a relationship in which you care more?

Men who expect that they don’t have to take part in a relationship very much, often don’t even listen to what we are telling them. It is not the matter of disrespect, but of complete lack of interest.

He agrees with you only to make you stop


If he basically agrees with you, but later there is no way to comply with what he’s said, it’s clear that he doesn’t really plan to do it.

You start feeling as if something is wrong with you

The classic symptom of a one-sided relationship, in which only one person is trying, is the feeling that you are not enough. In most cases, it's not you, but him, who is simply not interested.