Every zodiac sign controls jealousy on a different way: Taurus is a true detective, Pisces find it hard to forgive

While moderate jealousy can be a sign of love and strong connection with a partner, this feeling

in its intensive form can be fatal for a relationship. Who controls jealousy best, and who can have big problems caused by it, zodiac signs reveal.


This sign lives on trust and for them it always comes first. They resent lies and hypocrisy, and that is what can make them become very jealous. Mistrust and feeling of insecurity will further strengthen these feelings so it is very important to face the partner and open to them, instead of running away from the problem.


This earth sign yearns for family peace and happiness and a healthy and harmonious relationship. Precisely because of this, if they feel the slightest doubt in their partner's fidelity, investigative spirit awakens in them. They will try to find out what is happening at all costs, and that makes them capable of making jealous scenes, but only if they have a good reason for it.


People born in this sign are not jealous by nature, but sometimes create a feeling of jealousy which usually is not justified. Curious and eager for action they begin to wander through their vivid imagination and look for evidence of infidelity, which starts to eat them and sometimes makes them unhappy.



This sign very rarely experiences the feeling of jealousy because most of the time they are blinded by love. They are so committed to the person they love that they can’t even imagine that they can cheat on them. But if they find a reason to doubt, it shakes them to the core.For them it’s very hard to forgive betrayal and they remain hurt for long.


Members of this sign often become jealous, and the reasons are either pride or fear of being insufficiently loved and respected. When a Leo 'roars' it will not be because of the lost love, but because of the helplessness he feels. They expect a lot from a partner, and that’s why they often get jealous.

Who controls jealousy best: Taurus is a true detective, Pisces find it hard to forgive


People born in the sign of Virgo often like to cause a feeling of jealousy, but not in them but to make their partner jealous. They like to dominate in a relationship and like to have complete control over their partner and of their own feelings. Because of that person who loves Virgo becomes jealous which can lead to drama in a relationship.


The sign simply adores his partner. They are not jealous at all and they are willing to give a lot for love. But if they feel that their goodness and tolerance are used, Libras become unpredictable and even dangerous. Their jealousy can turn into something very strong and therefore it is best to avoid conflicts.


This is a very jealous zodiac sign. Scorpios are usually jealous of everything and everyone who approaches their partner. They are very sensitive and that’s why it’s very hard to restrain and control their emotions, including jealousy.


This sign is pretty jealous, but they will never admit it because it would hurt their pride. But also, members of this sign will never forget nor forgive infidelity. This is exactly why, at the first signs of jealousy, this sign should immediately clarify all the doubts so that the situation doesn’t turn into a problem that can’t be solved.


Members of this sign will never forget nor forgive a bad experience with their partner. Although it sounds strange, they are not the jealous type, and will never engage in investigation adventure because of their doubts. But if they find out that they were cheated on, they will close the door to their partner and their relationship will come to an inevitable end.



This fixed air sign is usually not jealous, and if they feel jealousy, they will do everything to try and hide it. This is why they can become sarcastic. But if they feel they have been cheated and that their jealousy was justified, they will not look for the reason and cause, but will only leave and end the love story.


Jealousy is a constant feeling with members of this sign. Pisces ask for a lot in a relationship with their partner, and sometimes too much love and attention. Precisely because of this, if they find themselves in a situation where their jealousy is justified, Pisces will simply withdraw because it is very difficult for them to forgive, even minor errors.


Who controls jealousy best: Taurus is a true detective, Pisces find it hard to forgive