Past lives horoscope: Virgos are tormented by guilt, Libras fear people

You may not be able to correct the mistakes of this life, but find out which lesson your past life left.

What Aries need most is faith in oneself, Virgo has the right to choose.


In previous lives, you were emotionally irresponsible and dependent on others, so it is now important for you to take the initiative in your emotional life, to insist on your own needs and desires, in order to find your lost identity. Don’t, however, go to another extreme, exaggerated independence, which can turn into egoism. Persistence and faith in yourself are what you need the most.


The past lives that are behind you, were emotionally unstable and fierce. You have known the suffering, fear and great passion. Your present life is given as an opportunity to stabilize and land. Stability, durability and the combination of work and practice is now of great importance to you. It is time to allow your spiritual being to manifest itself through work, so that it can mature and learn that it has forgotten that somewhere on the path of past lives.


Problems in past life for you were problems resulting from poor communication with other people. This life is an opportunity for you to see how important it is to say what you feel. Correct missed opportunities to achieve emotional understanding and harmony. Being possessive, moving away from other people and retreating into your world should now be overcome by a new model of emotional response and proper communication.



In this life, learn to be committed and persistent, and to turn superficiality and instability of your past life into strength and support, both to others and to yourself. No matter how you may seem from outside, your inner nature is soft, like a shell. Numerous lessons from this life teach you to understand family relationships properly, so parents and children are very important to you. But don’t forget about yourself!


In past incarnations you learned to love impartially, not to isolate people, but now you have to learn to direct emotional energy and strength toward certain people and areas of life that are important to you. You have almost a child's ability to experience happiness in situations when others praise you and when you are the center of attention. But don’t be angry when they don’t show you enough attention and respect. Your lesson that you need to master in this life is self-confidence and self-esteem.

Past lives horoscope: Virgos are tormented by guilt, Libras fear people


This present life teaches you that you have the right choice of what pleases you, and that emotion is made gradually, brick by brick. You must learn to not rely on others, but only on yourself when you fully learn to accept yourself with all defects and virtues. The feeling of guilt is following you from past lives. Get rid of it as soon as possible. You still care about other people, their fate and how you can help them.


In past life, you have had problems in dealing with others, as well as with the opposite sex, and even in today's life you can be followed by fear from people, deep hidden and suppressed, repulsion towards group work and mistrust. In order to correct this mistake, this life will be offered to you by many love partners and a large circle of friends, in order to learn to develop harmony with other people.


You have received a great emotional and intuitive insight into the very essence of life. Intuition gives you the feeling of the task that is before you and the path that you are supposed to follow, as well as the element of challenge, necessary to take a certain path. Irrational fears of past life are fears of pain and suffering, as well as the loss of loved ones, so in this life you can go to another extreme, into possessiveness towards close friends and partner, sometimes unconsciously, aspiring to keep them for yourselves.


You have come to your present life to break your prejudices and to learn to be flexible, and in this newly discovered side of your personality to find your freedom. Breaking up all sorts of prejudices and spreading tolerance is something that is the determinant of your life, and life will lead you in that direction. That's why traveling is important to you, getting to know different cultures and models of behavior and belief.


Experiences of past lives put you in conflict with authorities, and you are worried about the fact that others will control you or in some way use your weaknesses and attachment to them. In the present life, learn to be authority for yourself and how to be responsible for your own and others' emotions. This life is the life of stabilization, and the concept of life truth to be responsible and disciplined doesn’t mean to be cold and distant.



This position points to past lives in which there was a lot of jealousy and possessiveness on an emotional level. The challenge of present life consists of separating from false images such as jealousy, possessiveness and tendency to rule who we love. You must give freedom to yourself and others. Your task is to develop friendly relationships with everyone, as well as humanity, generosity, and tolerance.


In past life, you didn’t know how to value the true emotion enough as you didn’t have time to give in to it. Through this extremely sophisticated and intuitive sign, your present life offers you the opportunity to give in to the end and learn to give in emotionally, in order to enrich yourself and the very content of life. You are here to learn that we are all part of One and, with the help of this knowledge, complete the cycle of emotional opening that began more than one lifetime ago.