STUBBORNNESS ACCORDING TO HOROSCOPE: Scorpio provokes, Taurus is impossible...

Stubbornness is a trait that everyone thinks they have, but in reality some signs are worse than others. In insisting on their attitudes Capricorn, Taurus and Leo lead ...

Aries insists only at that moment

For members of this sign we certainly can’t say that they are not sudden and temperamental, but they are stubborn only at first. They will react loudly and like a small child when you don’t give them what they want or question their opinion. They will be yelling to explain that you are wrong or why things should be their way. However, they will soon forget about it, and they'll know they were mad at you, but somehow won’t remember why.

Taurus is the personification of stubbornness

Out of all the signs of Zodiac, Taurus is definitely most stubborn. It doesn’t even matter whether they are right or not, they just want what they want and they will pout or stay angry until they get it. Symptoms of this appear in early childhood and last a lifetime, only in time they learn to hide it in public, but they can’t in front of their close ones.

Gemini don’t want to bother

It is clear that members of this sign have their own opinion and attitude, but they simply hate to waste energy on assuring someone in them. Thanks to their optimistic nature they are sure that everything will eventually turn out fine and don’t want to argue. They rather choose to be the moral winner who doesn’t need to be right about everything.


Cancer will give up, but will hold it against you

Members of this sign have very strong opinions and beliefs that can be changed only by someone who they perceive as an authority in a given area. Otherwise they will engage in a discussion, accuse you that you're trying to make them look crazy, and then dramatically abandon the discussion and give up. This doesn’t mean that they gave up their attitude but that quarreling over it makes them sad. 

Leo is stubborn as a child

Members of this sign are the right epitome of what a stubborn child looks like, no matter how old they are. They are able to shout ‘I don’t care what you say, I can’t hear you’ – and put fingers in their ears, resort to low kicks that have nothing to do with the discussion, to imaginary show ‘that you are not right and they are’. If they are not given in, they can make a chaotic fight out of nothing.

STUBBORNNESS ACCORDING TO HOROSCOPE: Scorpio provokes, Virgo lets you think that you are right and Taurus is impossible

Virgos know they are right, but give up

We can’t say that Virgos are not stubborn, but they have an interesting trick they often use - they are 100 percent sure that they are right, but they will let you think that you won the discussion. They will calmly say ‘Well, you're right, you know everything the best’, to leave the impression that they are smarter, more composed and adult. The other side then doesn’t know whether they are being manipulated or it is really an honest statement.

To Libra compromise is more important

Not many things can annoy members of this sign so much that they insist that they are right. They would rather wave their hand and make a joke in a conciliatory tone – none of that matters compared to peace, love, agreement and unity to which they aim. This doesn’t mean that they have no opinion of their own, but that they righteously believe that everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and who are they to judge anyone?

Scorpio provokes with stubbornness

Members of this sign are not as stubborn as you would at first thought – to them it is a mask with which they are trying to provoke the other side. Actually, they are masters at controlling their emotions, and sometimes they will fight and argue just to show the other side what they are willing to tolerate and what they are not. Their authoritative tone easily assures those around them that they are really right.

Sagittarius is variable

Members of this sign are truly strange when it comes to stubbornness. Sometimes they will be the most stubborn people in the world who will use everything they’ve got to prove that they are right while calling everyone around them idiots, while in other situations they will sit still and just laugh at beliefs and attitudes of others with which they totally disagree.

Capricorn is always the smartest

The confidence of members of this sign in their own knowledge and logic is almost unbelievable, and in order to prove their point, they will give arguments for hours. Such persistence and number of words would lead most of the people who think opposite to ask themselves whether Capricorn is really right, because they wouldn’t be so sure if they were not. The best thing is, considering how much they are able to analyze nonsense, they are often right.


Aquarius will run away

It is hard to outsmart members of this sign. They won’t even try to explain what they think, but will say their concise thought and that is all from them. You don’t like that? Bad for you, because their tactics are that arguing doesn’t make sense, they will simply walk away – as if they give validity to their opinion that way. However, they will quickly forget what the argument was about.

Pisces makes everything personal

If discussions are about general things, then Pisces won’t be very stubborn, to them it is not important that everyone thinks they are right, but that there are those who respect their opinion. But if you touch something they can personally relate to, they are able to put all their effort into convincing you. If that doesn’t happen, they’ll accuse you not to like and respect them.

STUBBORNNESS ACCORDING TO HOROSCOPE: Scorpio provokes, Virgo lets you think that you are right and Taurus is impossible