THEY BRING THE MAGIC: Here’s which PLANT is good for wealth, which for attraction and which for beauty!

We all have different herbs and plants in our kitchen that have many therapeutic properties.

However, our ancestors, who discovered these plants, above all believed in their magical properties. Here’s what plant is good for wealth and prosperity, and what for good luck.

Basil for wealth and prosperity

If you don’t have money, try a little basil. Basil will make you reconsider what is really worth to you and open understanding in your mind how to get it. Try to consume it as a morning snack to make rest of the day fruitful.

Roses for love and friendship

You know that roses are a symbol of love and friendship, so why not use them to improve relationships around you? They will do wonders for romance, love, friendship and family relations. They can be used as a spice in food, but they can also be used to make a scrub or a body tonic.


Rosemary for healing

If you are emotionally hurt, rosemary will help to calm and heal invisible wounds. It is believed that it will calm current feelings, but also help you to become emotionally stronger person otherwise. Make your home fragrant by boiling slices of lemon, rosemary and vanilla in water.

Garlic for protection

Garlic eliminates all kinds of unpleasant things. It has numerous health benefits, but it is also related to protection from evil things, so your home will be spiritually protected. The belief that garlic protects against vampires and other evil forces isn’t there for no reason. In rural households, you will often see onions hanging on the kitchen wall, and that’s no accident.

THEY BRING THE MAGIC: Here’s which PLANT is good for wealth, which for attraction and which for beauty!

Thyme for knowledge

According to beliefs, thyme is associated with knowledge and understanding. If you use it, it may help you better understand many things in your life.

Clove for attractiveness

This is not just sexual attraction. Clove will help you understand what you really need and how to get to it. Except as a spice for food, you can add it to the bath.

Mint for clear thinking

If you are going through a difficult period in which you have to make some important life decisions, try to sit down with a cup of mint tea and clear your thoughts. As a bonus, it has plenty of health benefits.

Lavender for beauty

Sometimes the world seems like a bad place and we have to find the beauty of life again. Lavender is a calming flower that can help you relax and look at the world around you with different eyes. It can help you find your inner beauty. Use bath products based on lavender.


Sage for cleaning

Sage is considered in different cultures good for cleaning the home from negativity or influence of bad thoughts.

Cinnamon for happiness

If you are seeking happiness, add cinnamon in a cup of tea or a favorite dessert. Like basil, it is associated with prosperity and is believed to stimulate the intuition that can help you bring good luck into your life and avoid bad things.

THEY BRING THE MAGIC: Here’s which PLANT is good for wealth, which for attraction and which for beauty!